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This header defines the StringComparator intrinsic class.

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StrCompCaseFold  StrCompMatch  StrCompTrunc 

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Case folding - this flag is set when the two values match, but one or more characters differ in case (in other words, an upper-case letter in the input string matched a lower-case letter in the dictionary string, or vice versa).

Match - this flag is set in the return code for all matching strings. (This flag isn't as useless as it might sound; its purpose is to ensure that the return value from matchValues() is non-zero for all matches, even when no other flag values are applicable.)

Truncation - this flag is set when the input string is shorter than the value string (but matches the dictionary completely up to the input string's full length, and is at least as long as the truncation length specified in the constructor). This flag can only be returned when truncation is allowed (as indicated by a non-zero truncation length in the constructor), because truncated strings will never match at all when truncation isn't allowed.





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