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TADS 3 Library - senses

This module defines objects and functions related to senses. This file is language-independent.

Summary of Classes  

DistanceConnector  DropTypeShortThrow  Material  Occluder  Sense  SenseConnector 

Summary of Global Objects  

adventium  coarseMesh  fineMesh  glass  paper  sight  smell  sound  touch 

Summary of Global Functions  

adjustBrightness  transparencyAdd  transparencyCompare 

Global Functions  

adjustBrightness (br, trans)sense.t[383]

Given a brightness level and a transparency level, compute the brightness as modified by the transparency level.

transparencyAdd (a, b)sense.t[299]
"Add" two transparency levels, yielding a new transparency level. This function can be used to determine the result of passing a sense through multiple layers of material.

transparencyCompare (a, b)sense.t[328]
Compare two transparency levels to determine which one is more transparent. Returns 0 if the two levels are equally transparent, 1 if the first one is more transparent, and -1 if the second one is more transparent. The comparison follows this rule:

transparent > attenuated > distant == obscured > opaque

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