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A TellTopic is just like an AskTopic, except that it handle TELL SOMEONE ABOUT SOMETHING instead of ASK SOMEONE ABOUT SOMETHING. You'll recall that when we were defining AskTopics for Sarah, we allowed the possibility that she might learn of the ghost either by seeing it herself, or by the player character reporting seeing it. So the obvious example of a TellTopic would be to allow the player character to report seeing the ghost to Sarah, who'll be pretty sceptical about it:

+ TellTopic, StopEventList @ghost
    /* In the first response we call the appropriate method to note that
       Sarah has now heard about the ghost */
    {: "<q>Do you know what? I saw a ghost! Over in the graveyard on the west shore
     of the lake!</q> you tell her. <<sarah.setKnowsAbout(ghost)>>\b
     <q>A ghost!</q> she cries derisively, <q>Oh, come on!</q>" },
    /* Likewise in the second response we note that Sarah has now heard of the
       golden banana */
    {: "<q>I really did see a ghost.</q> you insist, <q>After I pushed its statue
     over. It wants me to find a golden banana before the cabal gets hold of
     it!</q> <<sarah.setKnowsAbout(goldenBanana)>>\b
     <q>What have you been drinking?</q> {the sarah/she} enquires, <q>Ghost? Golden
     banana? Cabal?</q> she shakes her head and laughs. " },
    '<q>I <i>did</i> see a ghost,</q> you repeat.\b
     <q>Yes, yes, and I suppose it was rattling its chains and moaning in
     a hollow voice.</q> she mocks.',
    '<q>I\'m absolutely positive I saw a ghost.</q> you insist.\b   
     In reply, she merely looks at you and shakes her head in mock despair. '

  /* If Sarah has actually seen the ghost her response will be rather different */

++ AltTopic
  "<q>I saw a ghost...</q> you begin.\b
   <q>I know, I was there - remember?</q> she replies. "
  isActive = (getActor.hasSeen(ghost))
  /* Finally, and overridingly, the conversation will go rather different if the
     ghost is actually present */
++ AltTopic
  "<q>That's a ghost, isn\'t it?</q> you remark, pointing at the phantom.\b
   <q>A ghost, yes, definitely a ghost.</q> {the sarah/she} concurs in a 
   very small voice. "
   isActive = (ghost.isIn(getActor.location))

Once again we nest this TellTopic directly in Sarah, since it could come up either before or after the player character has handed over the ring, and hence before or after Sarah has started following the player character around. Note that when we get to the AltTopics we list them in reverse order of precedence, that is the lower down the list the AltTopic comes the higher will be its precedence if its isActive property is true.