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Many games not only display a score, they translate that score into a rank, along the lines of

"Your score is 0 of a possible 10, in 0 moves. This makes you a tourist. "

To get TADS 3 to do this you need to set up a scoreRankTable on the gameMain object, for example:

gameMain: GameMainDef
        initialPlayerChar = me
        scoreRankTable =
         [ 0, 'a tourist'],
         [ 5, 'a novice explorer'],
         [ 10, 'a willing amateur'],
         [ 15, 'an apprentice adventurer'],
         [ 25, 'an accomplished adventurer'],
         [ 40, 'a hero']

Note how this works: the scoreRankTable is a list, each element of which is itself a list of two elements, a number and a single-quoted string. The number is the minimum score needed to reach the rank described in the string. These two-element sublists must be arranged in ascending order of score.