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RoomAutoConnector is not a class that you're ever likely to use explicitly, but implicitly you'll probably use it a great deal, since it is one of the classes from which Room inherits. It is RoomAutoConnector that provides the behaviour that allows a Room to be used as a connector to itself. This may sound a little arcane, but in practice this is what allows us to define travel between rooms without explicitly having to define any explicit TravelConnector objects unless we need them for their side-effects. Since a Room is also a RoomAutoConnector, we can use as the value of another Room's direction properties to implement direct travel between rooms. For example:

anotherCave: Room 'Another Cave'
  "There's something artificial about this cave. It's almost as if it's trying
   to be a room. The floor is suspiciously level, the walls are almost
   smooth, and there's a smart new door set into the south wall, with a
   bright electric light mounted above it. The rougher, larger central
   cave lies to the north. "
   north = mainCave

To make anotherCave reachable from mainCave, we must similarly add

south = anotherCave

to the definition of mainCave, which should now look like:

mainCave: Room 'Large Cave'
    "The flickering orange light from the blazing torch fixed to the wall 
      accentuates the naturally ruddy hues of this large, irregular cave,
      which seems to be something of a major hub in the cave system. A
      large rock rests against the wall to the north, other caves lie
      through exits to east and south, while the way west is blocked by
      a huge boulder.
 A sturdy steel ladder leads up through a hole in the roof."
    north = rock
    south = anotherCave
    up = upLadder