PreRestartObject: ModuleExecObject
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PreRestartObject is the last member of this set. Every instance of this class is notified, via its execute() method, just before we restart the game (with a RESTART command, for example).

Our totally insane implementor would probably use it like this:

    "NO!! You pathetic worm! I have filled this game with a myriad unmappable 
    mazes, an infinity of instadeath rooms, a glut of guess-the-verb puzzles,
    an unbounded cornucopia of unimplemented objects, and you -- you, you miserable
    wretch -- you want to back out of all this by RESTARTING! Well, I'm not 
    having it. You'll just have to carry on. So there! ";

At this point you may be feeling thoroughly grateful that there's no PreQuitObject. Unfortunately our Insane Implementor could always resort to:

modify QuitAction
    "What? You want to quit my masterpiece? No way! What kind of cretin are
     you, anyway?";

But please don't try this at home!

And now, after that little diversion, let's get back to the Quest of the Golden Banana.