HermitActorState : ActorState
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The HermitActorState is used for when an actor is too preoccupied, or is otherwise unable or unwilling to response to conversational approaches from the PC (such as TALK TO, ASK ABOUT, or SHOW TO). When the PC addresses any such commands to an Actor in a HermitActorState, the message defined in the HermitActorState's noResponse property is displayed.

None of the actors we have defined so far have any cause to enter a HermitActor state in any situation we have provided so far, but to show the principle we'll add a (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) permanently unresponsive actor:

skeleton : Actor, Heavy 'bleached skeleton' 'skeleton' @redRavine
  "The bones have long since been bleached white, but it's undoubtedly
   a human skeleton, of a person who was once about 5'9\" tall. "

+ HermitActorState
  specialDesc = "A bleached skeleton lies on the ground, one arm outstretched
   towards the south. "
  noResponse = "The skeleton is a bit too dead to attend to you right now. "
  isInitState = true

If you wanted something really macabre, you could add more actor states to the skeleton object so that at some point it comes to life - but one ghost in a game is probably enough. Instead, we'll give another example of a temporary HermitActorState in the next section.