ExitPortal : Exitable
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An ExitPortal is just like an Exitable, except that you can go through it as well as exit it. For example:

squareCave : DarkRoom 'Square Cave' 'the square cave'
   "This capacious cave is unnaturally square, suggesting that it has been
    artificially hewn out of the rock, an impression further enhanced by
    the carefully-constructed ashlar archway to the west. "
   west = mainCave
   out asExit(west)      

+ ExitPortal -> mainCave 'ashlar arch/archway' 'archway'
  "The archway is beautifully constructed from dressed stones. "

Note that ExitPortal is not a travel connector; -> mainCave makes mainCave its connector property, not its masterObject property. For the distinction, see further on the Enterable class. The template used here is the Exitable template.