Concluding Remarks
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That concludes The Quest of the Golden Banana as far as we are going to take it; it also concludes our tour of the adv3 library.

One thing I can be quite sure of at this point is that I won't have covered some point or other that you hoped to see discussed. This was, after all, a guided tour of the TADS 3 library, not an exhaustive discussion of all its features. The attempt to be fully exhaustive would probably have meant that this Guide would have grown to four times its present size - too large to be genuinely useful - or, even more probably, would never have seen the light of day at all. To have attempted to discuss every possible tweak and modification to the standard library to produce every kind of effect that any game author might want would have been totally impossible. If following this Tour Guide has helped you to feel more confident that you know your way round the main thoroughfares of the adv3 library, it will have served its purpose; the exploration of the side-streets, by-ways and back-alleys is now up to you (with the aid of the comments in the library source code, an adventuring spirit, and plenty of experimentation).

There are, however, some things that have not been covered in this Tour Guide because they are already covered elsewhere, and it is not the purpose of this Guide to regurgitate material that is already reasonably well documented. Instead, a few pointers to that other documentation will be given in the sections that follow.

If there is something really central you feel I have omitted, by all means drop me a line (eric dot eve at hmc dot ox dot ac dot uk) to let me know. If you spot any typos or other errors in this guide, or find any bugs in the Golden Banana game, please, please do drop me a line to let me know, so I can correct it for future versions. All feedback and suggestions will be warmly welcomed.