Component : Fixture
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As its name suggests, a Component is something that is part of something else. It need not be fixed within a particular room location, since it could be part of a portable object, a button on a mobile device, for example, but it cannot be detached from its immediate parent, and wherever its parent goes, it goes with it. A button on a stationery device equally qualifies, however, so we can now move the button that was defined in greatCabin to a more appropriate location (just after the desk defined above), and change it from a Fixture to a Component:

+ Button, Component 'small brown button' 'small brown button'
  "The small brown button is fixed to the underside of the desk. "
      "There's a sharp <i>click</i>, and a section of the foreward bulkhead slides
      <<bulkheadDoor.isOpen ? 'closed' : 'open'>>. ";

As yet we have not implemented any portable objects to which a component might be attached, but we have referred to a panel mounted on the deck rail, so we can follow the definition of the deck rail object immediately with:

+ Component 'large wooden panel' 'panel'
  "The panel seems to have something to do with sailing the ship. A wheel and a lever
   are mounted on it, and between them is a hexagonal aperture. "

The panel refers to a wheel, a lever and a hexagonal aperture, all of which will be its components; but we are not in a position to implement any of these just yet.