Changes for v3.0.6p
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·In InitiateTopic remove the modification to ActorTopicDatabase.initiateTopic(), which has now been incorporated into the library.  
·Change to RoomTemplate, which also affects the introductory discussion of Templates and the discussion of OutdoorRoom.  
·Change from initDesc to initSpecialDesc and initExamineDesc to initDesc throughout (see especially initDesc & initSpecialDesc).  
·Change of name of cannotAttachMsg to explainCannotAttachTo on Attachable.  
·Discussion and example of the new deferToEntry method in relation to DefaultGiveTopic.  
·Add dest to the argument list of monolith.beforePushTravel in TravelPushable.  
·The use of remoteInitSpecialDesc instead of distantInitDesc in the DistanceConnector section.  
·Add example of inRoomName(pov) to the DistanceConnector section.  
·Removal of snowmobile.out=nil in the Vehicle section (now incorporated in the library).  
·Removal of bug-fix to AltTopic discussed in relation to HelloTopic (now incorporated in the library)  
·Alteration in ByeTopic to reflect the fact that ByeTopic now handles both explicit and implicit conversation termination as standard.