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Having provided King Solomon somewhere to sleep, we can go on to provide somewhere for him to sit - a chair in the neighbouring room (along with one or two useful items):

solomonStudy : Room 'Study' 'the study'
  "This is another square, cedar-panelled room, with windows to north and south
   and doors to east and west. It is largely bare apart from a table and chair
   over by the northern window. "
  east = solBedroomDoorOutside
  west = studyDoor

+ solBedroomDoorOutside : Door 
   -> solBedroomDoor 'bedroom door*doors' 'bedroom door'

+ studyDoor : Door 'study door' 'study door'
  "Predictably enough, it's made of cedar. "
    reportFailure('You\'d better not go that way. ');

+ solomonTable : Surface, Heavy 'table' 'table'
  "It's a plain, square, cedarwood table. "

++ baarasRoot : Thing 'flame-coloured flame coloured baaras root/mandrake' 
  'flame-coloured root'
  "The flame-coloured root is forked and fleshy. "

++ carbuncle : Thing 'purple carbuncle/ruby/stone' 'purple carbuncle'
   "It's an amazingly large stone - probably a ruby, but with a curious purple tinge. "

+ solomonChair : Chair, Heavy 'chair' 'chair'
  "The chair is made of cedar. It's quite large and elegantly carved with
   pomegranates, but is totally unpadded and doesn't look terribly
   comfortable. "

And just to show this works, we can put the king himself in his chair:

solomon : Person 'king solomon' 'King Solomon' @solomonChair
  isHim = true   
  isProperName = true
  posture = sitting

Okay, so you think a study is a bit of an anachronism in a tenth-century BCE palace; you're probably right, but then where did Solomon sit around while he was getting all that wisdom? The Baaras root, by the way, will be used for its exorcistic properties. In the meantime, we already have another chair, the one in the cabin of our ship:

cabinChair : Chair 'padded chair/cushion' 'chair' @deskRear
  "It's a fine wooden chair with a round back and a padded cushion. "
  initSpecialDesc = "A wooden chair sits behind the desk. "
  bulk = 10
  weight = 7