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The simplest (in some respects) way to keep track of the score is to call the addToScore function, which is called with two arguments: addToScore(points, description), where points is the number of points being awarded and description is a single-quoted string describing why the points are being awarded. For example, to award a single point for unlocking the door from anotherCave to lakeRoom (by inserting the brass coin) you can simply call addToScore in the notifyInsert method of the slot:

++ RestrictedContainer, Component 'small vertical slot' 'slot'
   "It's about half an inch long; next to it is some faded writing that
    just about still says\nENTRANCE TO LAKE\nONE GROAT. "
   validContents = [silverCoin, brassCoin]
   notifyInsert(obj, newCont)
       "As the brass coin disappears into the slot you hear a click from the door. ";
       addToScore(1, 'unlocking the door to the lakeside ');
       "Despite initial appearances <<obj.theName>> doesn't seem to be quite
        right for the slot. ";       

Note that the score will be incremented every time addToScore is called, so if we want to make sure that points are awarded only once for a particular achievement, we must make sure that the corresponding addToScore is called only once. In this particular case we are safe: since there's only one brass coin in the game and it disappears forever when it's put in the slot, this addToScore can only ever be executed once.

Blowing up the boulder is similar situation: since this can only ever occur once we can quite safely put an addToScore in the dynamite object's sayBurnedOut() method (insofar as playing with dynamite can ever be said to be safe!). We might want to award more points for this:

dynamite : Candle 'stick dynamite/fuse' 'stick of dynamite'
  "It's a white cylinder with a short fuse. <<isLit ?
  'The fuse is lit and burning down fast. ' : nil >>"
  fuelLevel = 3
  brightnessOn = 1
      "The dynamite explodes with a mighty bang and blows your hand off. But
       since you're killed by the blast you probably won't be needing it
       any more.\b";
      "The dynamite detonates close by, but you are killed by the blast almost
       before you hear the bang. ";
      addToScore(2, 'blowing up the boulder');    
    callWithSenseContext (nil, nil, {:"You hear a muffled explosion nearby. "});
    fuseID = nil; 
    fuelLevel = 3;         

Indeed, we can even use this technique for awarding five points for casting the Golden Banana of Discord into Mount Gloom; since this results in moving the Golden Banana into nil and it's never recoverable thereafter, we can put the relevant addToScore call in the banana's moveInto method:

++ goldenBanana : Thing 'golden banana/discord' 'Golden Banana of Discord'
  "It's about the shape and size of an ordinary banana, but seems to be made
    of solid gold. "
  aName = (theName)
  weight = 6
  isListedInContents = (!isIn(bananaCase))
      addToScore(5, 'destroying the Golden Banana in Mount Gloom');


Finally, note that the second parameter in addToScore may be an Achievement object instead of a single-quoted string. We'll explain this in more detail once we've introduced the Achievement class.