An miscellaneous word list is a list of one or more words of any kind: any word, any integer, or any apostrophe-S token will do. Note that known and unknown words can be mixed in an unknown word list; we care only that the list is made up of tokWord, tokInt, tokApostropheS, and/or abbreviation-period tokens.

Note that this kind of phrase is often used with a 'badness' value. However, we don't assign any badness here, because a miscellaneous word list might be perfectly valid in some contexts; instead, any productions that include a misc word list should specify badness as desired.

grammar miscWordList(wordOrNumber) :   NounPhraseWithVocab

Superclass Tree   (in declaration order)


Summary of Properties  

Inherited from NounPhraseProd :

Inherited from BasicProd :
firstTokenIndex  isSpecialResponseMatch  lastTokenIndex 

Summary of Methods  

getAdjustedTokens  getVocabMatchList 

Inherited from NounPhraseWithVocab :
combineWordMatches  combineWordMatchItems  dictMatchIsExact  dictMatchIsStronger  filterDictMatches  getWordMatches  inScopeMatches  intersectWordMatches  resolveNouns  resolveNounsMatchName 

Inherited from NounPhraseProd :
filterTruncations  getVerifyKeepers 

Inherited from BasicProd :
canResolveTo  getOrigText  getOrigTokenList  setOrigTokenList 




getAdjustedTokens ( )OVERRIDDENen_us.t[7256]

we don't match anything directly with our vocabulary

getVocabMatchList (resolver, results, extraFlags)OVERRIDDENen_us.t[7251]
no description available

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