Equivalent list state lister. This shows a list of state names for a set of otherwise indistinguishable items. We show the state names in parentheses, separated by commas only (i.e., no "and" separating the last two items); we use this less verbose format so that we blend into the larger enclosing list more naturally.

The items to be listed are EquivalentStateInfo objects.

equivalentStateLister :   Lister

Superclass Tree   (in declaration order)


Summary of Properties  

Inherited from Lister :

Summary of Methods  

isListed  listCardinality  showListItem  showListPrefixWide  showListSeparator  showListSuffixWide 

Inherited from Lister :
contentsListed  contentsListedSeparately  getArrangedListCardinality  getArrangedListNounPhraseCount  getContents  getFilteredList  getListedContents  getListGrouping  getTopLister  listSepEnd  listSepMiddle  listSepTwo  listWith  longListSepEnd  longListSepMiddle  longListSepTwo  showArrangedList  showContentsList  showInlineContentsList  showList  showListAll  showListContentsPrefixTall  showListEmpty  showListIndent  showListItemCounted  showListPrefixTall  showListSimple  showSeparateContents  showTallListNewline 




isListed (obj)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5207]

no description available

listCardinality (obj)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5208]
no description available

showListItem (obj, options, pov, infoTab)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5209]
no description available

showListPrefixWide (cnt, pov, parent)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5205]
no description available

showListSeparator (options, curItemNum, totalItems)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5213]
no description available

showListSuffixWide (cnt, pov, parent)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5206]
no description available

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