Basic topic qualifier resolver. This can be used to resolve qualifier phrases (such as possessives or locationals) within topic phrases.

class TopicQualifierResolver :   Resolver

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Summary of Properties  

Inherited from Resolver :
action_  actor_  equivs_  isGlobalScope  isSubResolver  issuer_  scope_  whichMessageObject  whichObject 

Summary of Methods  

filterAmbiguousNounPhrase  filterPluralPhrase  getAll  getAllDefaults  getDefaultObject 

Inherited from Resolver :
allowAll  cacheScopeList  construct  filterAll  filterAmbiguousEquivalents  filterPossRank  getAction  getPossessiveResolver  getPronounDefault  getQualifierResolver  getRawPronounAntecedent  getReflexiveBinding  getScopeList  getTargetActor  matchName  objInScope  resetResolver  resolvePronounAntecedent  resolveUnknownNounPhrase  selectIndefinite  withGlobals 




filterAmbiguousNounPhrase (lst, requiredNum, np)OVERRIDDENresolver.t[858]

we don't need defaults for a qualifier

filterPluralPhrase (lst, np)OVERRIDDENresolver.t[864]
we have no basis for any filtering; return the list unchanged

getAll (np)OVERRIDDENresolver.t[846]
no description available

getAllDefaults ( )OVERRIDDENresolver.t[852]
'all' doesn't make sense as a qualifier; return an empty list

getDefaultObject (np)OVERRIDDENresolver.t[870]
we have no basis for any filtering

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