A TopicGroup is an abstract container for a set of TopicEntry objects. The purpose of the group object is to apply a common "is active" condition to all of the topics within the group.

The isActive condition of the TopicGroup is effectively AND'ed with any other conditions on the nested TopicEntry's. In other words, a TopicEntry within the TopicGroup is active if the TopicEntry would otherwise be acive AND the TopicGroup is active.

TopicEntry objects are associated with the group via the 'location' property - set the location of the TopicEntry to point to the containing TopicGroup.

You can put a TopicGroup anywhere a TopicEntry could go - directly inside an Actor, inside an ActorState, or within another TopicGroup. The topic entries within a topic group act as though they were directly in the topic group's container.

class TopicGroup :   object

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Global Objects  


Summary of Properties  

isActive  matchScoreAdjustment  topicGroupScoreAdjustment 

Summary of Methods  

addSuggestedTopic  addTopic  getTopicOwner  topicGroupActive 



The group "active" condition - each instance should override this to specify the condition that applies to all of the TopicEntry objects within the group.

The *adjustment* to the match score for topic entries contained within this group. This is usually a positive number, so that it boosts the match strength of the child topics.

Get my score adjustment. We'll return our own basic score adjustment plus the cumulative adjustment for our containers.


addSuggestedTopic (topic)actor.t[2629]

add a suggested topic - we'll pass this up to our container

addTopic (topic)actor.t[2626]
add a topic - we'll simply add the topic directly to our container

getTopicOwner ( )actor.t[2606]
the topic owner for any topic entries within the group is the topic owner taken from the group's own location

topicGroupActive ( )actor.t[2609]
are TopicEntry objects within the group active?

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