The Tip class. Each actual tip should be represented by an instance of this class. To show the tip, just call tipName.showTip(). If the tip has already been shown, or if the tips have been turned off completely, then nothing will be displayed.

class Tip :   object

Superclass Tree   (in declaration order)


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Global Objects  

exitsTip  footnotesTip  fullScoreTip  oopsTip  scoreChangeTip  undoTip 

Summary of Properties  

desc  shown 

Summary of Methods  

makeShown  shouldShowTip  showTip  showTipDesc 



The actual text to display when this tip is shown. We'll wrap it in <.tip> tags automatically, and also add a paragraph break before it.

flag: has this tip been shown before?


makeShown ( )tips.t[153]

Mark this tip as shown. This method can be called by outside code before the tip has been triggered. If the tip informs the player of a certain command, for instance, then it would become redundant if the player has already used that command.

shouldShowTip ( )tips.t[135]
should we show this tip when asked to?

showTip ( )tips.t[105]
show this tip

showTipDesc ( )tips.t[122]
display our tip description, I.E. the actual tip

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