Suggested topic lister.

class SuggestedTopicLister :   Lister

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Summary of Properties  

askingActor  isExplicit  scopeList  targetActor 

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Summary of Methods  

construct  contentsListed  isListed  listCardinality  listWith  longListSepEnd  longListSepMiddle  longListSepTwo  markAsSeen  showListEmpty  showListItem  showListPrefixWide  showListSeparator  showListSuffixWide 

Inherited from Lister :
contentsListedSeparately  getArrangedListCardinality  getArrangedListNounPhraseCount  getContents  getFilteredList  getListedContents  getListGrouping  getTopLister  listSepEnd  listSepMiddle  listSepTwo  showArrangedList  showContentsList  showInlineContentsList  showList  showListAll  showListContentsPrefixTall  showListIndent  showListItemCounted  showListPrefixTall  showListSimple  showSeparateContents  showTallListNewline 



the actor who's asking for the topic list (usually the PC)

flag: this is an explicit listing (i.e., a TOPICS command)

our cached scope list for the actor

the actor we're talking to


construct (asker, askee, explicit)msg_neu.t[5594]

no description available

contentsListed (obj)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5651]
suggestions have no contents

isListed (obj)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5645]
list suggestions that are currently active

listCardinality (obj)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5648]
each item counts as one item grammatically

listWith (obj)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5654]
get the list group

longListSepEnd ( )OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5672]
no description available

longListSepMiddle ( )OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5671]
no description available

longListSepTwo ( )OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5670]
don't use semicolons, even in long lists

markAsSeen (obj, pov)msg_neu.t[5657]
mark as seen - nothing to do for suggestions

showListEmpty (pov, parent)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5620]
end the sentence; include a paren if not in explicit mode

showListItem (obj, options, pov, infoTab)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5660]
show the item - show the suggestion's theName

showListPrefixWide (cnt, pov, parent)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5607]
cache the actor's scope list

showListSeparator (options, curItemNum, totalItems)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5635]
say that the list is empty if it was explicitly requested; say nothing if the list is being added by the library

showListSuffixWide (cnt, pov, parent)OVERRIDDENmsg_neu.t[5615]
show the prefix; include a paren if not in explicit mode

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