Basic resolver for indirect objects

class IobjResolver :   Resolver

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Global Objects  


Summary of Properties  

whichMessageObject  whichObject 

Inherited from Resolver :
action_  actor_  equivs_  isGlobalScope  isSubResolver  issuer_  scope_ 

Summary of Methods  

filterAmbiguousNounPhrase  filterPluralPhrase  getAll  getAllDefaults  getDefaultObject 

Inherited from Resolver :
allowAll  cacheScopeList  construct  filterAll  filterAmbiguousEquivalents  filterPossRank  getAction  getPossessiveResolver  getPronounDefault  getQualifierResolver  getRawPronounAntecedent  getReflexiveBinding  getScopeList  getTargetActor  matchName  objInScope  resetResolver  resolvePronounAntecedent  resolveUnknownNounPhrase  selectIndefinite  withGlobals 



no description available

we resolve indirect objects for message generation purposes


filterAmbiguousNounPhrase (lst, requiredNum, np)OVERRIDDENresolver.t[812]

filter an ambiguous noun phrase

filterPluralPhrase (lst, np)OVERRIDDENresolver.t[823]
Filter a plural phrase to reduce the set to the logical subset, if possible. If there is no logical subset, simply return the original set.

getAll (np)OVERRIDDENresolver.t[791]
resolve 'all' for the indirect object

getAllDefaults ( )OVERRIDDENresolver.t[802]
get all possible default objects

getDefaultObject (np)OVERRIDDENresolver.t[833]
Get the default object or objects for this phrase. Since we resolve indirect objects, we'll ask the action for a default indirect object.

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