Implicit action announcement. This is displayed when we perform a command implicitly, which we usually do to fulfill a precondition of an action.

In English, we usually show an implied action as the verb participle phrase ("opening the door"), prefixed with "first", and enclosed in parentheses on a line by itself (hence, "(first opening the door)").

class ImplicitActionAnnouncement :   CommandAnnouncement

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Summary of Properties  

justAsking  justTrying 

Inherited from CommandAnnouncement :
messageProp_  messageText_ 

Inherited from CommandReport :
action_  isFailure  isQuestion  iter_ 

Summary of Methods  

construct  makeSilent  noteJustTrying  noteQuestion 

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getMessageText  showMessage 

Inherited from CommandReport :
getAction  isActionImplicit  isActionNestedIn  isPartOf  setAction 



flag: the action was interrupted with an interactive question

Flag: we're just attempting the action; this is set when we determine that the implicit action has failed, in which case we want an announcement indicating that we're merely attempting the action, not actually performing it. Presume that we're actually going to perform the action; the action can change this if necessary.


construct (action, msg)OVERRIDDENreport.t[512]

no description available

makeSilent ( )report.t[530]
Make this announcement silent. This eliminates any announcement for this action, but makes it otherwise behave like a normal implied action.

noteJustTrying ( )report.t[548]
Note that the action we're attempting is merely an attempt that failed. This will change our report to indicate that we're only trying the action, rather than suggesting that we actually carried it out.

noteQuestion ( )report.t[562]
Note that the action we're attempting is incomplete, as it was interupted for interactive input (such as asking for a missing object).

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