An implied greeting topic. This handles ONLY implied greetings.

Note that we have a higher-than-normal score by default. This makes it easy to program two common cases for conversational states. First, the more common case, where you want a single message for both implied and explicit greetings: just create a HelloTopic, since that responds to both kinds. Second, the less common case, where we want to differentiate, writing separate responses for implied and explicit greetings: create a HelloTopic for the explicit kind, and ALSO create an ImpHelloTopic for the implied kind. Since the ImpHelloTopic has a higher score, it'll overshadow the HelloTopic object when it matches an implied greeting; but since ImpHelloTopic doesn't match an explicit greeting, we'll fall back on the HelloTopic for that.

class ImpHelloTopic :   MiscTopic

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impliesGreeting  includeInList  matchList  matchScore 

Inherited from TopicEntry :
altTalkCount  altTopicList  isActive  isConversational  matchObj  talkCount  topicGroupActive  topicGroupScoreAdjustment  topicResponse 

Summary of Methods  


Inherited from MiscTopic :
isMatchPossible  matchTopic 

Inherited from TopicEntry :
addAltTopic  addSuggestedTopic  addTopic  adjustScore  anyAltIsActive  breakTopicTie  checkIsActive  deferToEntry  getActor  getTopicOwner  handleTopic  initializeTopicEntry  noteAltInvocation  setTopicPronouns 



this is itself a greeting, so we obviously don't want to trigger another greeting to greet the greeting

no description available

no description available

no description available


noteInvocation (fromActor)OVERRIDDENactor.t[3334]

if we use this as a greeting upon entering a ConvNode, we'll want to stay in the node afterward

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