A "hermit" actor state is a state where the actor is unresponsive to conversational overtures (ASK ABOUT, TELL ABOUT, HELLO, GOODBYE, YES, NO, SHOW TO, GIVE TO, and any orders directed to the actor). Any attempt at conversation will be met with the 'noResponse' message.

class HermitActorState :   ActorState

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autoSuggest  getImpliedConvState  isInitState  location  stateDesc  stateSuggestedTopics 

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handleConversation  noResponse 

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Since the hermit state blocks topics from outside the state, don't offer suggestions for other topics while in this state.

Note that you might sometimes want to override this to allow the usual topic suggestions (by setting this to nil). In particular:

- If it's not outwardly obvious that the actor is unresponsive, you'll probably want to allow suggestions. Remember, TOPICS suggests topics that the *PC* wants to talk about, not things the NPC is interested in. If the PC doesn't necessarily know that the NPC won't respond, the PC would still want to ask about those topics.

- If the hermit state is to be short-lived, you might want to show the topic suggestions even in the hermit state, so that the player is aware that there are still useful topics to explore with the NPC. The player might otherwise assume that the NPC is out of useful topics, and not bother trying again later when the NPC becomes more responsive.


handleConversation (otherActor, topic, convType)OVERRIDDENactor.t[5251]

all conversation actions get the same default response

noResponse ( )actor.t[5248]
Show our response to any conversational command. We'll simply show the standard "there's no response" message by default, but subclasses can (and usually should) override this to explain what's really going on. Note that this routine will be invoked for any sort of conversation command, so any override needs to be generic enough that it's equally good for ASK, TELL, and everything else.

Note that it's fairly easy to create a shuffled list of random messages, if you want to add some variety to the actor's responses. To do this, use an embedded ShuffledEventList:

myState: HermitActorState
noResponse() { myList.doScript(); }
myList: ShuffledEventList {
['message1', 'message2', 'message3'] }

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