Base class for the game's module ID. This merely sets the listing order to 1 so that the game's credit is listed first. Normally, exactly one GameID object, called 'versionInfo', is defined in a game, to provide the game's identifying information.

Note that this class is based on GameInfoModuleID, so the library will automatically write out a gameinfo.txt file based on this object's settings. For full GameInfo data, the game should minimally define the following properties (see GameInfoModuleID and ModuleID for details on these properties):

IFID - a random 32-digit hex number to uniquely identify the game;
you can generate one at
name - the name of the game
byline - the main author credit: "by so and so"
htmlByline - the main author credit as an HTML fragment
authorEmail - the authors' names and email addresses (in GameInfo format)
desc - a short blurb describing the game, in plain text format
htmlDesc - the descriptive blurb as an HTML ragment
version - the game's version string

In addition, you can override the following settings if you don't like the defaults inherited from GameInfoModuleID:

releaseDate - the release date string (YYYY-MM-DD)
licenseType - freeware, shareware, etc.
copyingRules - summary rules on copying
presentationProfile - Multimedia, Plain Text

class GameID :   GameInfoModuleID

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Summary of Properties  


Inherited from GameInfoModuleID :
authorEmail  copyingRules  desc  execAfterMe  firstPublished  forgivenessLevel  gameInfoFilename  gameUrl  genreName  headline  htmlDesc  IFID  languageCode  licenseType  metadataKeys  presentationProfile  releaseDate  seriesName  seriesNumber 

Inherited from ModuleID :
byline  htmlByline  name  version 

Inherited from ModuleExecObject :
execBeforeMe  hasInitialized_  isDoingExec_  isExecuted_ 

Summary of Methods  

showCredit  showVersion 

Inherited from GameInfoModuleID :
execute  getGameInfoToday  writeMetadataFile 

Inherited from ModuleID :
getModuleList  showAbout 

Inherited from ModuleExecObject :
_execute  classExec 



always list the game's credits before any library credits


showCredit ( )OVERRIDDENmodid.t[570]

Show the game's credits. By default, we'll just show our name and by-line.

Typically, authors will want to override this to display the full credits for the game. Most authors like to show the author or authors, along with notes of thanks to important contributors.

Note that libraries generally will not show anything automatically in the credits, to allow the author full control over the formatting of the credits. Authors are encouraged to give credit where it's due for any libraries they use.

showVersion ( )OVERRIDDENmodid.t[580]
show a blank line after the game's version information, to make it stand apart from the list of library and VM version numbers

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