Except list results object

class ExceptResults :   object

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ambiguousNounPhrase  construct  noMatch  noMatchForLocation  noMatchForPossessive  noMatchPoss  nothingInLocation  noVocabMatch  propNotDefined 



my original underlying results object


ambiguousNounPhrase (keeper, asker, txt, matchList, fullMatchList, scopeList, requiredNum, resolver)parser.t[6898]

in case of ambiguity, simply keep everything and treat it as unambiguous - if they say "take coin except copper", we simply want to treat "copper" as unambiguously excluding every copper coin in the original list

construct (results)parser.t[6868]
no description available

noMatch (action, txt)parser.t[6879]
ignore failed matches in the exception list - if they try to exclude something that's not in the original list, the object is excluded to begin with

noMatchForLocation (loc, txt)parser.t[6887]
ignore failed matches for location in the exception list

noMatchForPossessive (owner, txt)parser.t[6884]
ignore failed matches for possessives in the exception list

noMatchPoss (action, txt)parser.t[6880]
no description available

nothingInLocation (loc)parser.t[6890]
ignore failed matches for location in the exception list

noVocabMatch (action, txt)parser.t[6881]
no description available

propNotDefined (prop, [args])parser.t[6907]
proxy anything we don't override to the underlying results object

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