Dynamic match object interface. This is a mix-in class that should be used as a superclass for any class used as the match object when creating new alternatives dynamically with GrammarProd.addAlt().

This class provides an implementation of grammarInfo() that works like the version the compiler generates for static match objects. In this case, we use the grammarAltProps information that addAlt() stores in the match object.

class DynamicProd :   object

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grammarAltProps  grammarTag 

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grammarAltProps - the list of "->" properties used in all of the alternatives associated with this match object. addAlts() stores this list automatically - there's no need to create it manually.

grammarTag - the name for the collection of alternatives associated with the match object. This name is primarily for debugging purposes; it appears as the first element of the grammarInfo() result list.


grammarInfo ( )gramprod.t[162]

Generate match information. This returns the same information that grammarInfo() returns for match objects that the compiler generates for static 'grammar' statements.

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