A conversational action type descriptor. This descriptor is used in handleConversation() in Actor and ActorState to describe the type of conversational action we're performing. The type descriptor object encapsulates a set of information that tells us how to handle the action.

class ConvType :   object

Superclass Tree   (in declaration order)


Subclass Tree  


Global Objects  

askAboutConvType  askForConvType  byeConvType  commandConvType  consultConvType  giveConvType  helloConvType  initiateConvType  noConvType  showConvType  tellAboutConvType  yesConvType 

Summary of Properties  

defaultResponseProp  topicListProp  unknownMsg 

Summary of Methods  

afterResponse  defaultResponse 



the default response property for this action

The TopicDatabase topic-list property. This is the property of the TopicDatabase object that we evaluate to get this list of topic entries to search for a match to the topic.

The unknown interlocutor message property. This is used when we try this conversational action without knowing whom we're talking to. For example, if we just say HELLO, and there's no one around to talk to, we'll use this as the default response. This can be a library message property, or simply a single-quoted string to display.


afterResponse (actor, otherActor)actor.t[1984]

Perform any special follow-up action for this type of conversational action.

defaultResponse (db, otherActor, topic)actor.t[1978]
Call the default response property on the given topic database. This invokes the property given by defaultResponseProp(). We have both the property and the method to call the property because this allows us to test for the existence of the property and to call it with the appropriate argument list.

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