A goodbye topic - this handles both explicit GOODBYE commands and implied goodbyes. Implied goodbyes happen when a conversation ends without an explicit GOODBYE command, such as when the player character walks away from the NPC, or the NPC gets bored and wanders off, or the NPC terminates the conversation of its own volition.

class ByeTopic :   MiscTopic

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impliesGreeting  includeInList  matchList 

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altTalkCount  altTopicList  isActive  isConversational  matchObj  matchScore  talkCount  topicGroupActive  topicGroupScoreAdjustment  topicResponse 

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isMatchPossible  matchTopic 

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addAltTopic  addSuggestedTopic  addTopic  adjustScore  anyAltIsActive  breakTopicTie  checkIsActive  deferToEntry  getActor  getTopicOwner  handleTopic  initializeTopicEntry  noteAltInvocation  noteInvocation  setTopicPronouns 



If we're not already in a conversation when we say GOODBYE, don't bother saying HELLO implicitly - if the player is saying GOODBYE explicitly, she probably has the impression that there's some kind of interaction already going on with the NPC. If we didn't override this, you'd get an automatic HELLO followed by the explicit GOODBYE when not already in conversation, which is a little weird.

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