A special kind of agenda item for monitoring "boredom" during a conversation. We check to see if our actor is in a conversation, and the PC has been ignoring the conversation for too long; if so, our actor initiates the end of the conversation, since the PC apparently isn't paying any attention to us.

class BoredomAgendaItem :   AgendaItem

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initiallyActive  isDone  isReady 

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construct  invokeItem  isReady 

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execute  getActor  resetItem 



by default, handle boredom before other agenda items - we do this because an ongoing conversation will be the first thing on the NPC's mind


construct (actor)actor.t[5182]

we construct these dynamically during actor initialization

invokeItem ( )OVERRIDDENactor.t[5204]
on invocation, end the conversation

isReady ( )actor.t[5192]
we're ready to run if our actor is in an InConversationState and its boredom count has reached the limit for the state

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