The basic "accompanying" state. In this state, whenever the actor we're accompanying travels to a location we want to follow, we'll travel at the same time with the other actor.

class AccompanyingState :   ActorState

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accompanyTravel  beforeTravel  getAccompanyingTravelState 

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accompanyTravel (traveler, conn)actor.t[5302]

Check to see if we are to accompany the given traveler on the given travel. 'traveler' is the Traveler performing the travel, and 'conn' is the connector that the traveler is about to take.

Note that 'traveler' is a Traveler object. This will simply be an Actor (which is a kind of Traveler) when the actor is performing the travel directly, but it could also be another kind of Traveler, such as a Vehicle. This routine must determine whether to accompany other kinds of actors.

By default, we'll return true to indicate that we want to accompany any traveler anywhere they go. This should almost always be overridden in practice to be more specific.

beforeTravel (traveler, connector)OVERRIDDENactor.t[5326]
handle a before-travel notification for my actor

getAccompanyingTravelState (traveler, connector)actor.t[5311]
Get our accompanying state object. We'll create a basic accompanying in-travel state object, returning to the current state when we're done. 'traveler' is the Traveler object that's performing the travel; this might be an Actor, but could also be a Vehicle or other Traveler subclass.

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