IAction - class in action.t[3010]
id_ - property of BannerWindow in banner.t[438]
id_ - property of BannerUIWindow in banner.t[772]
id_ - property of SettingsFileItem in settings.t[575]
identicalTo - method of VerifyResult in verify.t[127]
identicalTo - method of LogicalVerifyResult in verify.t[233]
idleTurn - method of Actor in actor.t[9168]
idToActor - property of conversationManager in actor.t[495]
idx_ - property of OneOfIndexGen in _main.t[1468]
iesEndingPat - property of Thing in en_us.t[1144]
ifdbTuid - property of ClientSession in webui.t[422]
IFID - property of libGlobal in misc.t[1799]
IFID - property of GameInfoModuleID in modid.t[257]
illogical - macro in adv3.h[1233]
illogicalAlready - macro in adv3.h[1228]
IllogicalAlreadyVerifyResult - class in verify.t[335]
illogicalNow - macro in adv3.h[1224]
IllogicalNowVerifyResult - class in verify.t[314]
illogicalSelf - macro in adv3.h[1237]
IllogicalSelfVerifyResult - class in verify.t[363]
IllogicalVerifyResult - class in verify.t[344]
Immovable - class in objects.t[1998]
ImpByeTopic - class in actor.t[3399]
ImpHelloTopic - class in actor.t[3319]
impHelloTopicObj - object in actor.t[3476]
ImplicitActionAnnouncement - class in report.t[511]
ImplicitAnnouncementContext - class in en_us.t[8007]
implicitAnnouncementGrouper - object in msg_neu.t[5465]
implicitDetPluralOnlyNounPhrase(main) - grammar in en_us.t[5941]
implicitGroupTransform - object in report.t[1435]
implicitMsg - property of Action in action.t[543]
ImpliedActorNounPhraseProd - class in parser.t[4168]
impliedCommandMode - method of Actor in actor.t[6273]
impliesGreeting - property of TopicEntry in actor.t[2175]
impliesGreeting - property of AltTopic in actor.t[2730]
impliesGreeting - property of HelloTopic in actor.t[3291]
impliesGreeting - property of ImpHelloTopic in actor.t[3328]
impliesGreeting - property of ActorHelloTopic in actor.t[3351]
impliesGreeting - property of ByeTopic in actor.t[3385]
impliesGreeting - property of HelloGoodbyeTopic in actor.t[3460]
inaccessible - macro in adv3.h[1241]
InaccessibleVerifyResult - class in verify.t[402]
InAction - class in actions.t[2822]
incCommandCount - method of TentativeResolveResults in action.t[3860]
incCommandCount - method of BasicResolveResults in parser.t[5639]
incCommandCount - method of TryAsActorResolveResults in parser.t[5791]
incCommandCount - method of CommandRanking in parser.t[6682]
includeInList - property of TopicEntry in actor.t[2294]
includeInList - property of AltTopic in actor.t[2685]
includeInList - property of AskTellTopic in actor.t[2991]
includeInList - property of AskTopic in actor.t[2999]
includeInList - property of TellTopic in actor.t[3007]
includeInList - property of AskForTopic in actor.t[3015]
includeInList - property of AskAboutForTopic in actor.t[3022]
includeInList - property of AskTellAboutForTopic in actor.t[3029]
includeInList - property of GiveShowTopic in actor.t[3105]
includeInList - property of GiveTopic in actor.t[3113]
includeInList - property of ShowTopic in actor.t[3121]
includeInList - property of AskTellShowTopic in actor.t[3180]
includeInList - property of AskTellGiveShowTopic in actor.t[3187]
includeInList - property of CommandTopic in actor.t[3216]
includeInList - property of HelloTopic in actor.t[3284]
includeInList - property of ImpHelloTopic in actor.t[3320]
includeInList - property of ActorHelloTopic in actor.t[3346]
includeInList - property of ByeTopic in actor.t[3372]
includeInList - property of ImpByeTopic in actor.t[3400]
includeInList - property of BoredByeTopic in actor.t[3417]
includeInList - property of LeaveByeTopic in actor.t[3433]
includeInList - property of ActorByeTopic in actor.t[3444]
includeInList - property of HelloGoodbyeTopic in actor.t[3451]
includeInList - property of YesNoTopic in actor.t[3514]
includeInList - property of DefaultCommandTopic in actor.t[3688]
includeInList - property of DefaultAskTopic in actor.t[3692]
includeInList - property of DefaultTellTopic in actor.t[3696]
includeInList - property of DefaultAskTellTopic in actor.t[3700]
includeInList - property of DefaultGiveTopic in actor.t[3704]
includeInList - property of DefaultShowTopic in actor.t[3708]
includeInList - property of DefaultGiveShowTopic in actor.t[3712]
includeInList - property of DefaultAskForTopic in actor.t[3716]
includeInList - property of DefaultAnyTopic in actor.t[3720]
includeInList - property of SpecialTopic in actor.t[3822]
includeInList - property of InitiateTopic in actor.t[4068]
includeInList - property of DefaultInitiateTopic in actor.t[4080]
includeInList - property of ConsultTopic in objects.t[1668]
includeInList - property of DefaultConsultTopic in objects.t[1684]
includeInListing - property of SettingsItem in settings.t[109]
includeInUndo - property of Action in action.t[656]
includeInUndo - property of NoteDarknessAction in actions.t[63]
includeInUndo - property of AgainAction in actions.t[78]
includeInUndo - property of SaveAction in actions.t[302]
includeInUndo - property of RestoreAction in actions.t[555]
includeInUndo - property of RestartAction in actions.t[647]
includeInUndo - property of UndoAction in actions.t[761]
includeInUndo - property of SaveDefaultsAction in actions.t[776]
includeInUndo - property of RestoreDefaultsAction in actions.t[794]
includeInUndo - property of QuitAction in actions.t[834]
includeInUndo - property of ScoreAction in actions.t[980]
includeInUndo - property of FullScoreAction in actions.t[1010]
includeInUndo - property of VersionAction in actions.t[1075]
includeInUndo - property of CreditsAction in actions.t[1091]
includeInUndo - property of AboutAction in actions.t[1120]
includeInUndo - property of FileOpAction in actions.t[1245]
includeInUndo - property of ScriptOffAction in actions.t[1378]
includeInUndo - property of RecordOffAction in actions.t[1494]
includeInUndo - property of FootnoteAction in actions.t[1584]
includeInUndo - property of FootnotesStatusAction in actions.t[1637]
includeInUndo - property of TopicsAction in actions.t[2156]
includeInUndo - property of InstructionsAction in instruct.t[992]
incNextRunTime - method of Schedulable in events.t[243]
InConversationState - class in actor.t[4967]
inConvState - property of ConversationReadyState in actor.t[4750]
indefiniteCount - property of CommandRanking in parser.t[6369]
IndefiniteNounButProd - class in parser.t[2557]
IndefiniteNounProd - class in parser.t[2427]
indent - property of MenuItem in menusys.t[322]
indetPluralNounPhrase(basic) - grammar in en_us.t[6014]
indetPluralNounPhrase(locational) - grammar in en_us.t[6024]
indetPluralOnlyNounPhrase(basic) - grammar in en_us.t[6034]
indetPluralOnlyNounPhrase(locational) - grammar in en_us.t[6039]
indetSingularNounPhrase(basic) - grammar in en_us.t[5824]
indetSingularNounPhrase(locational) - grammar in en_us.t[5839]
index_ - property of PreCondDesc in action.t[148]
IndexedIterator - class in systype.h[217]
indexOf - method of List in systype.h[965]
indexOf - method of Vector in vector.h[107]
indexOfMax - method of List in systype.h[1169]
indexOfMax - method of Vector in vector.h[309]
indexOfMin - method of List in systype.h[1146]
indexOfMin - method of Vector in vector.h[286]
indexWhich - method of List in systype.h[980]
indexWhich - method of Vector in vector.h[84]
inDirection - object in travel.t[178]
IndirectLockable - class in objects.t[3975]
IndirectObject - enum in adv3.h[498]
InDlgIconError - macro in tadsio.h[533]
InDlgIconInfo - macro in tadsio.h[531]
InDlgIconNone - macro in tadsio.h[529]
InDlgIconQuestion - macro in tadsio.h[532]
InDlgIconWarning - macro in tadsio.h[530]
InDlgLblCancel - macro in tadsio.h[536]
InDlgLblNo - macro in tadsio.h[538]
InDlgLblOk - macro in tadsio.h[535]
InDlgLblYes - macro in tadsio.h[537]
InDlgOk - macro in tadsio.h[524]
InDlgOkCancel - macro in tadsio.h[525]
InDlgYesNo - macro in tadsio.h[526]
InDlgYesNoCancel - macro in tadsio.h[527]
InEvtEndQuietScript - macro in tadsio.h[507]
InEvtEndScript - macro in tadsio.h[508]
InEvtEof - macro in tadsio.h[504]
InEvtHref - macro in tadsio.h[501]
InEvtKey - macro in tadsio.h[499]
InEvtLine - macro in tadsio.h[505]
InEvtNoTimeout - macro in tadsio.h[502]
InEvtNotimeout - macro in tadsio.h[503]
InEvtSysCommand - macro in tadsio.h[506]
InEvtTimeout - macro in tadsio.h[500]
InFileCancel - macro in tadsio.h[552]
InFileFailure - macro in tadsio.h[551]
InFileOpen - macro in tadsio.h[543]
InFileSave - macro in tadsio.h[544]
InFileSuccess - macro in tadsio.h[550]
infiniteLoop - global function in travel.t[15]
inheritVocab - method of VocabObject in en_us.t[421]
inhTab_ - property of _multiMethodRegistry in multmeth.t[793]
init - method of WebBannerWin in browser.t[741]
initAfterLoad - global function in _main.t[239]
initBannerWindow - method of BannerWindow in banner.t[422]
initBannerWindow - method of statuslineBanner in console.t[285]
initBannerWindow - method of statusLine in status.t[515]
initDesc - property of Thing in thing.t[1472]
initDisplay - global function in browser.t[72]
initDisplay - global function in console.t[39]
inited_ - property of BannerWindow in banner.t[429]
initForMissingDobj - method of TAction in action.t[3209]
initForMissingDobj - method of TIAction in action.t[4040]
initForMissingDobj - method of LiteralTAction in action.t[5453]
initForMissingDobj - method of TopicTAction in action.t[5881]
initForMissingIobj - method of TIAction in action.t[4063]
initForMissingLiteral - method of LiteralTAction in action.t[5465]
initForMissingTopic - method of TopicTAction in action.t[5893]
initializeActor - method of Actor in actor.t[8932]
initializeActorState - method of ActorState in actor.t[4186]
initializeActorState - method of ConversationReadyState in actor.t[4937]
initializeAltTopic - method of AltTopic in actor.t[2688]
initializeContents - method of HintMenu in hintsys.t[473]
initializeContents - method of MenuObject in menusys.t[242]
initializeDirection - method of Direction in travel.t[52]
initializeDirectionClass - method of Direction in travel.t[63]
initializeEquivalent - method of Thing in thing.t[4739]
initializeLocation - method of ComplexComponent in extras.t[464]
initializeLocation - method of PresentLater in extras.t[3649]
initializeLocation - method of MenuObject in menusys.t[149]
initializeLocation - method of MultiLoc in objects.t[2609]
initializeLocation - method of MultiInstance in objects.t[3054]
initializeLocation - method of Thing in thing.t[4722]
initializeSpecialTopic - method of SpecialTopic in actor.t[3780]
initializeSuggestedTopic - method of SuggestedTopic in actor.t[1320]
initializeThing - method of Dispensable in extras.t[1814]
initializeThing - method of Attachable in extras.t[2925]
initializeThing - method of Linkable in objects.t[3340]
initializeThing - method of BasicOpenable in objects.t[3436]
initializeThing - method of Lockable in objects.t[3842]
initializeThing - method of Flashlight in objects.t[6027]
initializeThing - method of Thing in thing.t[4700]
initializeThing - method of Passage in travel.t[2468]
initializeThing - method of Room in travel.t[4317]
initializeThing - method of RoomPart in travel.t[5135]
initializeTopicEntry - method of TopicEntry in actor.t[2336]
initializeVocab - method of VocabObject in en_us.t[401]
initializeVocabWith - method of VocabObject in en_us.t[464]
initialLocationClass - property of BaseMultiLoc in objects.t[2451]
initiallyActive - property of AgendaItem in actor.t[5525]
initiallyLocked - property of Lockable in objects.t[3740]
initiallyOpen - property of BasicOpenable in objects.t[3387]
initiallyOpen - property of Door in travel.t[2879]
initiallyOpen - property of SecretDoor in travel.t[2981]
initiallyPresent - property of PresentLater in extras.t[3647]
initialPlayerChar - property of GameMainDef in misc.t[61]
initiateConversation - method of Actor in actor.t[5818]
initiateConvType - object in actor.t[2074]
initiateTopic - method of ActorTopicDatabase in actor.t[1011]
InitiateTopic - class in actor.t[4066]
initiateTopic - method of ConversationReadyState in actor.t[4875]
initiateTopic - method of AccompanyingInTravelState in actor.t[5413]
initiateTopic - method of Actor in actor.t[5853]
initiateTopics - property of ActorTopicDatabase in actor.t[1083]
initMasterObject - method of Passage in travel.t[2494]
initNominalRoomPartLocation - property of Thing in thing.t[1832]
InitObject - class in _main.t[489]
initResolver - method of TAction in action.t[3769]
initResolver - method of FollowAction in actions.t[2268]
initSpecialDesc - property of Thing in thing.t[1444]
initTentative - method of Action in action.t[1837]
initTentative - method of TAction in action.t[3520]
initTentative - method of TIAction in action.t[4869]
initUI - global function in browser.t[48]
initUI - global function in console.t[31]
inlineContentsLister - property of Underside in extras.t[837]
inlineContentsLister - property of RearContainer in extras.t[942]
inlineContentsLister - property of Keyring in extras.t[1279]
inlineContentsLister - property of Surface in objects.t[5137]
inlineContentsLister - property of Thing in thing.t[4463]
inlineListingContentsLister - object in msg_neu.t[5043]
inProgressDefObj - property of inputManager in input.t[761]
inputBegin - method of inputManager in input.t[707]
InputDef - class in input.t[19]
inputDialog - global function in tadsio.h[123]
inputDialogPage - object in webui.t[3443]
inputDialogResult - property of webMainWin in webui.t[3211]
inputDialogState - property of webMainWin in webui.t[3208]
inputEvent - global function in tadsio.h[79]
inputEventBegin - method of inputManager in input.t[623]
inputEventEnd - method of inputManager in input.t[638]
inputEventInProgress - property of inputManager in input.t[764]
inputEventPage - object in webui.t[3426]
inputEventResult - property of webMainWin in webui.t[3217]
inputEventState - property of webMainWin in webui.t[3214]
inputFile - global function in tadsio.h[183]
inputFileCancel - object in webui.t[3501]
inputFileDismissed - method of webMainWin in webui.t[3033]
inputFilePage - object in webui.t[3471]
inputFileScriptWarning - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1740]
inputFileScriptWarningButtons - property of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1748]
inputKey - global function in tadsio.h[68]
inputLine - global function in tadsio.h[62]
inputLineBegin - method of inputManager in input.t[652]
inputLineCancel - global function in tadsio.h[315]
inputLineEnd - method of inputManager in input.t[678]
inputLineEnd - method of OutputStream in output.t[379]
inputLineInProgress - property of inputManager in input.t[758]
inputLinePage - object in webui.t[2222]
inputlineStyleTag - object in output.t[832]
inputLineTimeout - global function in tadsio.h[288]
inputManager - object in input.t[68]
inputScriptFailed - property of libMessages in msg_neu.t[910]
inputScriptFailedException - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[914]
inputScriptOkay - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[903]
inRoomDesc - property of exitsMode in exits.t[440]
inRoomName - method of Thing in en_us.t[1287]
inScopeList - property of ResolvedTopic in action.t[6291]
inScopeList - property of resolvedTopicNothing in action.t[6320]
inScopeMatches - method of NounPhraseWithVocab in parser.t[3832]
insert - method of StringBuffer in strbuf.h[75]
insertAt - method of List in systype.h[1077]
insertAt - method of Vector in vector.h[188]
insertRule - method of Tokenizer in tok.t[154]
insertRuleAt - method of Tokenizer in tok.t[185]
inSingleNoun(main) - grammar in en_us.t[5489]
inSingleObjSlot - property of CommandRanking in parser.t[6663]
instanceList - property of MultiInstance in objects.t[3159]
instanceMixIn - property of MultiInstance in objects.t[3156]
instanceMixIn - property of MultiFaceted in objects.t[3269]
instanceObject - property of MultiInstance in objects.t[3051]
instanceWhich - global function in _main.t[598]
inStatusLine - property of exitsMode in exits.t[439]
InstructionsAction - class in instruct.t[81]
insufficientCount - property of CommandRanking in parser.t[6348]
insufficientQuantity - method of TentativeResolveResults in action.t[3853]
insufficientQuantity - method of playerMessages in msg_neu.t[1940]
insufficientQuantity - method of npcMessages in msg_neu.t[2178]
insufficientQuantity - method of npcMessagesDirect in msg_neu.t[2290]
insufficientQuantity - method of npcDeferredMessagesDirect in msg_neu.t[2502]
insufficientQuantity - method of BasicResolveResults in parser.t[5581]
insufficientQuantity - method of TryAsActorResolveResults in parser.t[5778]
insufficientQuantity - method of CommandRanking in parser.t[6595]
Intangible - class in objects.t[40]
InteractiveResolver - class in disambig.t[335]
internalResultsSeparator - property of libMessages in msg_neu.t[514]
InternalSeparatorMessage - class in report.t[145]
intersect - method of List in systype.h[962]
intersectNounLists - global function in parser.t[447]
intersectWordMatches - method of NounPhraseWithVocab in parser.t[3811]
interval_ - property of Daemon in events.t[788]
interval_ - property of RealTimeDaemon in events.t[1275]
inTopicSlot - property of CommandRanking in parser.t[6667]
intOrdinal - global function in en_us.t[4580]
intraCommandSeparator - property of libMessages in msg_neu.t[541]
IntrinsicClass - class in systype.h[108]
IntrinsicClassModifier - class in systype.h[133]
intToBinary - global function in numbers.t[17]
intToDecimal - global function in en_us.t[4361]
intToRoman - global function in numbers.t[59]
invalidCommandToken - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[448]
invalidFinishOption - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1023]
invalidStagingContainerActorMsg - method of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3383]
invalidStagingContainerMsg - method of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3375]
invalidStagingLocationMsg - method of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3391]
invalSenseCache - method of libGlobal in misc.t[1680]
InventoryAction - class in actions.t[1640]
inventoryListenLister - object in lister.t[1850]
inventoryLister - property of Actor in actor.t[8917]
InventoryLister - class in lister.t[1547]
inventoryMode - property of InventoryAction in actions.t[1648]
inventoryName - method of ThingState in thing.t[494]
inventorySense - method of Actor in actor.t[8890]
inventorySenseInfoTable - method of Actor in actor.t[8789]
inventorySmellLister - object in lister.t[1862]
InventorySublister - class in lister.t[1703]
InventoryTall - enum in adv3.h[972]
InventoryTallAction - class in actions.t[1651]
InventoryWide - enum in adv3.h[972]
InventoryWideAction - class in actions.t[1663]
invokeItem - method of BoredomAgendaItem in actor.t[5204]
invokeItem - method of AgendaItem in actor.t[5565]
iobjCur_ - property of TIAction in action.t[5149]
iobjFor - macro in adv3.h[310]
iobjFor(AttachTo) - method of Keyring in extras.t[1389]
iobjFor(AttachTo) - method of Attachable in extras.t[2990]
iobjFor(AttachTo) - method of NearbyAttachable in extras.t[3317]
iobjFor(AttachTo) - method of Thing in thing.t[9819]
iobjFor(AttackWith) - method of Thing in thing.t[9152]
iobjFor(BurnWith) - method of FireSource in extras.t[1901]
iobjFor(BurnWith) - method of Matchstick in extras.t[2006]
iobjFor(BurnWith) - method of Thing in thing.t[9794]
iobjFor(CleanWith) - method of Thing in thing.t[10052]
iobjFor(CutWith) - method of Thing in thing.t[9871]
iobjFor(Default) - method of Intangible in objects.t[77]
iobjFor(Default) - method of Decoration in objects.t[2090]
iobjFor(Default) - method of Distant in objects.t[2248]
iobjFor(DetachFrom) - method of Keyring in extras.t[1392]
iobjFor(DetachFrom) - method of Attachable in extras.t[3139]
iobjFor(DetachFrom) - method of Thing in thing.t[9834]
iobjFor(DigWith) - method of Thing in thing.t[9524]
iobjFor(FastenTo) - method of Thing in thing.t[10134]
iobjFor(GiveTo) - method of Actor in actor.t[10159]
iobjFor(GiveTo) - method of Thing in thing.t[8988]
iobjFor(LockWith) - method of Keyring in extras.t[1534]
iobjFor(LockWith) - method of Key in extras.t[1698]
iobjFor(LockWith) - method of Thing in thing.t[9948]
iobjFor(MoveWith) - method of Thing in thing.t[9591]
iobjFor(PlugInto) - method of PlugAttachable in extras.t[3524]
iobjFor(PlugInto) - method of Thing in thing.t[10184]
iobjFor(PourInto) - method of Openable in objects.t[3689]
iobjFor(PourInto) - method of Thing in thing.t[10012]
iobjFor(PourOnto) - method of Thing in thing.t[10027]
iobjFor(PutBehind) - method of ComplexContainer in extras.t[198]
iobjFor(PutBehind) - method of RearContainer in extras.t[974]
iobjFor(PutBehind) - method of RestrictedRearContainer in extras.t[1022]
iobjFor(PutBehind) - method of RestrictedRearSurface in extras.t[1051]
iobjFor(PutBehind) - method of Thing in thing.t[8915]
iobjFor(PutIn) - method of ComplexContainer in extras.t[178]
iobjFor(PutIn) - method of Dispenser in extras.t[1778]
iobjFor(PutIn) - method of Openable in objects.t[3683]
iobjFor(PutIn) - method of Container in objects.t[4993]
iobjFor(PutIn) - method of RestrictedContainer in objects.t[5076]
iobjFor(PutIn) - method of SingleContainer in objects.t[5086]
iobjFor(PutIn) - method of Thing in thing.t[8846]
iobjFor(PutOn) - method of ComplexContainer in extras.t[188]
iobjFor(PutOn) - method of Keyring in extras.t[1354]
iobjFor(PutOn) - method of Surface in objects.t[5167]
iobjFor(PutOn) - method of RestrictedSurface in objects.t[5222]
iobjFor(PutOn) - method of Thing in thing.t[8879]
iobjFor(PutOn) - method of PathPassage in travel.t[2656]
iobjFor(PutOn) - method of NestedRoomFloor in travel.t[5158]
iobjFor(PutOn) - method of Floor in travel.t[5203]
iobjFor(PutUnder) - method of ComplexContainer in extras.t[192]
iobjFor(PutUnder) - method of Underside in extras.t[868]
iobjFor(PutUnder) - method of RestrictedUnderside in extras.t[920]
iobjFor(PutUnder) - method of Thing in thing.t[8899]
iobjFor(ScrewWith) - method of Thing in thing.t[10234]
iobjFor(ShowTo) - method of Actor in actor.t[10183]
iobjFor(ShowTo) - method of Thing in thing.t[9051]
iobjFor(TakeFrom) - method of Attachable in extras.t[3230]
iobjFor(TakeFrom) - method of Thing in thing.t[8743]
iobjFor(ThrowAt) - method of Thing in thing.t[9231]
iobjFor(ThrowAt) - method of NestedRoomFloor in travel.t[5159]
iobjFor(ThrowAt) - method of Floor in travel.t[5228]
iobjFor(ThrowTo) - method of Actor in actor.t[10082]
iobjFor(ThrowTo) - method of Thing in thing.t[9477]
iobjFor(TurnWith) - method of Thing in thing.t[9637]
iobjFor(UnfastenFrom) - method of Thing in thing.t[10159]
iobjFor(UnlockWith) - method of Keyring in extras.t[1609]
iobjFor(UnlockWith) - method of Key in extras.t[1735]
iobjFor(UnlockWith) - method of Thing in thing.t[9963]
iobjFor(UnplugFrom) - method of PlugAttachable in extras.t[3529]
iobjFor(UnplugFrom) - method of Thing in thing.t[10209]
iobjFor(UnscrewWith) - method of Thing in thing.t[10259]
iobjInfoCur_ - property of TIAction in action.t[5152]
iobjList - macro in en_us.h[159]
iobjList_ - property of TIAction in action.t[5146]
iobjMatch - property of TIAction in action.t[5143]
iobjMsg - macro in adv3.h[1416]
IobjResolver - class in resolver.t[783]
iobjResolver_ - property of TIAction in action.t[5155]
iobjTouchObj - object in precond.t[711]
isAbsolute - method of FileName in filename.h[142]
isActionImplicit - method of CommandReport in report.t[71]
isActionNestedIn - method of CommandReport in report.t[74]
isActive - property of TopicEntry in actor.t[2152]
isActive - property of TopicGroup in actor.t[2593]
isActive - property of CommandTranscript in report.t[648]
isActive - method of StackFrameDesc in systype.h[1264]
isActiveInMenu - property of Goal in hintsys.t[341]
isActiveInMenu - property of HintMenu in hintsys.t[460]
isActiveInMenu - property of HintLongTopicItem in hintsys.t[496]
isActor - property of Actor in actor.t[5672]
isActorOnFloor - method of Floor in travel.t[5250]
isActorTraveling - method of Actor in actor.t[6417]
isActorTraveling - method of Traveler in travel.t[681]
isActorTraveling - method of Vehicle in travel.t[6941]
isActorTravelReady - method of Thing in thing.t[3418]
isActorTravelReady - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[3826]
isAlive - property of ClientSession in webui.t[463]
isAmbient - property of SensoryEmanation in objects.t[213]
isAmbient - property of SimpleNoise in objects.t[730]
isAmbient - property of SimpleOdor in objects.t[740]
isAttachedTo - method of Attachable in extras.t[2569]
isBlocking - property of SwitchableCaptureFilter in output.t[724]
isBlocking - method of senseContext in pov.t[91]
isBlocking_ - property of senseContext in pov.t[108]
isChapterMenu - property of MenuLongTopicItem in menusys.t[490]
isCircularPassage - property of TravelConnector in travel.t[1218]
isClass - method of Object in systype.h[76]
isCollectiveAction - method of CollectiveGroup in objects.t[1233]
isCollectiveFor - method of Matchbook in extras.t[1875]
isCollectiveFor - method of Collective in objects.t[1037]
isCollectiveQuant - method of CollectiveGroup in objects.t[1247]
isComponentOf - method of Component in objects.t[1922]
isComponentOf - method of Thing in thing.t[4693]
isConnectorApparent - method of TravelConnector in travel.t[987]
isConnectorApparent - method of noTravel in travel.t[1732]
isConnectorApparent - method of DefaultAskConnector in travel.t[1921]
isConnectorApparent - method of nestedRoomOut in travel.t[1953]
isConnectorApparent - method of NoTravelMessage in travel.t[2104]
isConnectorApparent - method of FakeConnector in travel.t[2149]
isConnectorApparent - method of SecretDoor in travel.t[2983]
isConnectorListed - property of TravelConnector in travel.t[963]
isConnectorListed - property of UnlistedProxyConnector in travel.t[1705]
isConnectorPassable - method of TravelConnector in travel.t[1007]
isConnectorPassable - method of noTravel in travel.t[1735]
isConnectorPassable - method of DefaultAskConnector in travel.t[1924]
isConnectorPassable - method of NoTravelMessage in travel.t[2105]
isConnectorPassable - method of FakeConnector in travel.t[2150]
isConnectorPassable - method of Passage in travel.t[2462]
isConnectorVisibleInDark - method of TravelConnector in travel.t[1507]
isConnectorVisibleInDark - method of Passage in travel.t[2458]
isConversational - method of Action in action.t[703]
isConversational - method of ConvIAction in action.t[6109]
isConversational - method of TellAboutAction in actions.t[1962]
isConversational - property of TopicEntry in actor.t[2167]
isConversational - property of AltTopic in actor.t[2733]
isDangerous - property of DangerousVerifyResult in verify.t[304]
isDebuggerSignal - method of RuntimeError in _main.t[819]
isDir - property of FileInfo in file.t[38]
isDirectlyIn - method of BaseMultiLoc in objects.t[2533]
isDirectlyIn - method of Thing in thing.t[5059]
isDistEquivInList - method of ResolveInfo in parser.t[378]
isDoingExec_ - property of ModuleExecObject in _main.t[345]
isDone - property of AgendaItem in actor.t[5550]
isEmanating - property of SensoryEmanation in objects.t[149]
isEmptyPhrase - method of EmptyNounPhraseProd in parser.t[4124]
isEmptyPhrase - method of EmptyLiteralPhraseProd in parser.t[4265]
isEmptyPhrase - method of EmptyTopicPhraseProd in parser.t[4302]
isEndOfSentence - method of commandOnlyConjunction(sentenceEnding) in en_us.t[5172]
isEndOfSentence - method of commandOnlyConjunction(nonSentenceEnding) in en_us.t[5184]
isEndOfSentence - method of commandOrNounConjunction(main) in en_us.t[5200]
isEndOfSentence - method of nounConjunction(main) in en_us.t[5219]
isEndOfSentence - method of FirstCommandProd in parser.t[746]
isEndOfSentence - method of CommandProdWithDefiniteConj in parser.t[1061]
isEndOfSentence - method of CommandProdWithAmbiguousConj in parser.t[1146]
isEquivalent - property of Matchstick in extras.t[2072]
isEquivalent - property of MultiInstanceInstance in objects.t[3227]
isEquivalent - property of Thing in thing.t[2324]
isEquivalentInList - method of ResolveInfo in parser.t[363]
isExecuted_ - property of ModuleExecObject in _main.t[342]
isExplicit - property of SuggestedTopicLister in msg_neu.t[5675]
isFailure - property of CommandReport in report.t[85]
isFailure - property of FailCommandReport in report.t[242]
isFailure - property of FailCommandMarker in report.t[250]
isFailure - property of CommandTranscript in report.t[617]
isGlobalScope - property of TopicResolver in action.t[6405]
isGlobalScope - property of Resolver in resolver.t[186]
isGroupFor - method of WebResourceGroup in webui.t[1234]
isGroupFor - method of mainWebGroup in webui.t[1315]
isHeldBy - method of Key in extras.t[1647]
isHeldBy - method of NonPortable in objects.t[1753]
isHeldBy - method of Wearable in objects.t[5748]
isHeldBy - method of Thing in thing.t[5129]
isHer - property of Thing in en_us.t[714]
isHer - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1974]
isHim - property of Thing in en_us.t[713]
isHim - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1973]
isImplicit - property of Action in action.t[512]
isIn - method of BaseMultiLoc in objects.t[2518]
isIn - method of Thing in thing.t[5000]
isIn - method of RoomPart in travel.t[5074]
isInFixedIn - method of Thing in thing.t[5099]
isInInitState - property of Thing in thing.t[1486]
isInitiallyIn - method of BaseMultiLoc in objects.t[2460]
isInitState - property of ActorState in actor.t[4140]
isInList - property of ImplicitAnnouncementContext in en_us.t[8016]
isInList - property of ListImpCtx in en_us.t[8100]
isInputOpen - property of WebCommandWin in webui.t[2201]
isInSublist - property of ImplicitAnnouncementContext in en_us.t[8023]
isIntrinsicClass - method of IntrinsicClass in systype.h[127]
isIt - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1975]
isKeyKnown - method of LockableWithKey in objects.t[4127]
isKeyPresent - method of LookupTable in lookup.h[30]
isKnown - property of Topic in actor.t[57]
isKnown - property of Thing in thing.t[1631]
isLikelyCommandTarget - property of Actor in actor.t[9506]
isLikelyCommandTarget - property of Thing in thing.t[5704]
isLikelyTopic - method of Actor in actor.t[8254]
isListed - property of Actor in actor.t[5943]
isListed - method of Lister in lister.t[1076]
isListed - method of SimpleLister in lister.t[1280]
isListed - method of specialDescLister in lister.t[1419]
isListed - method of SpecialDescContentsLister in lister.t[1446]
isListed - method of plainActorLister in lister.t[1469]
isListed - method of InventoryLister in lister.t[1549]
isListed - method of DescContentsLister in lister.t[1765]
isListed - method of SenseLister in lister.t[1774]
isListed - method of roomListenLister in lister.t[1792]
isListed - method of listenActionLister in lister.t[1807]
isListed - method of roomSmellLister in lister.t[1822]
isListed - method of smellActionLister in lister.t[1837]
isListed - property of FinishOption in misc.t[2091]
isListed - property of finishOptionScore in misc.t[2292]
isListed - method of roomPartContentsLister in msg_neu.t[4914]
isListed - method of roomPartDescContentsLister in msg_neu.t[4928]
isListed - method of roomPartLookInLister in msg_neu.t[4942]
isListed - method of aboardVehicleLister in msg_neu.t[5104]
isListed - method of SimpleAttachmentLister in msg_neu.t[5125]
isListed - method of MajorAttachmentLister in msg_neu.t[5150]
isListed - method of finishOptionsLister in msg_neu.t[5168]
isListed - method of equivalentStateLister in msg_neu.t[5207]
isListed - method of ExitLister in msg_neu.t[5239]
isListed - method of otherExitLister in msg_neu.t[5352]
isListed - method of SuggestedTopicLister in msg_neu.t[5645]
isListed - property of Intangible in objects.t[52]
isListed - property of NonPortable in objects.t[1712]
isListed - method of fullScoreLister in score.t[202]
isListed - method of Thing in thing.t[1681]
isListedAboardVehicle - property of Actor in actor.t[6368]
isListedAboardVehicle - property of Thing in thing.t[1705]
isListedAsAttachedTo - method of Attachable in extras.t[2611]
isListedAsMajorFor - method of Attachable in extras.t[2638]
isListedInContents - property of Actor in actor.t[5944]
isListedInContents - property of Intangible in objects.t[54]
isListedInContents - property of CollectiveGroup in objects.t[1349]
isListedInContents - property of NonPortable in objects.t[1713]
isListedInContents - method of BaseMultiLoc in objects.t[2551]
isListedInContents - method of Thing in thing.t[1693]
isListedInInventory - property of Actor in actor.t[5945]
isListedInInventory - property of Intangible in objects.t[53]
isListedInInventory - property of CollectiveGroup in objects.t[1350]
isListedInInventory - property of NonPortable in objects.t[1714]
isListedInInventory - method of Thing in thing.t[1699]
isListedInRoomPart - method of Thing in thing.t[1713]
isListSubset - global function in misc.t[2469]
isLit - property of Matchstick in extras.t[1949]
isLit - property of FueledLightSource in extras.t[2084]
isLit - property of LightSource in objects.t[5945]
isLocationLit - method of Actor in actor.t[8532]
isLocked - property of ComplexContainer in extras.t[152]
isLocked - method of Lockable in objects.t[3746]
isLocked_ - property of Lockable in objects.t[3839]
isLookAroundCeiling - method of Thing in thing.t[2738]
isMajorItemFor - method of Attachable in extras.t[2591]
isMappable - method of CharacterSet in charset.h[76]
isMappingKnown - method of CharacterSet in charset.h[65]
isMassNoun - property of Thing in en_us.t[702]
isMassNoun - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1972]
isMatchPossible - method of TopicEntry in actor.t[2408]
isMatchPossible - method of AltTopic in actor.t[2674]
isMatchPossible - method of TopicMatchTopic in actor.t[2893]
isMatchPossible - method of ThingMatchTopic in actor.t[3068]
isMatchPossible - method of TopicOrThingMatchTopic in actor.t[3153]
isMatchPossible - method of CommandTopic in actor.t[3247]
isMatchPossible - method of MiscTopic in actor.t[3273]
isMatchPossible - method of DefaultTopic in actor.t[3641]
isMatchPossible - method of SpecialTopic in actor.t[3860]
isMyItem - method of Dispenser in extras.t[1768]
isMyKey - method of Keyring in extras.t[1292]
isNegative - method of BigNumber in bignum.h[107]
isNestedIn - method of Action in action.t[337]
isNextAvailable - method of Iterator in systype.h[190]
isNominallyIn - method of Thing in thing.t[5070]
isNominallyInRoomPart - method of Thing in thing.t[1744]
isObjListedInRoomPart - method of RoomPart in travel.t[4882]
isObjListedInRoomPart - method of Floor in travel.t[5192]
isObjPronoun - method of GetVerbPhraseContext in en_us.t[7982]
isOccludedBy - method of Thing in thing.t[6693]
isOn - property of verboseModeSettingsItem in misc.t[526]
isOn - property of OnOffControl in objects.t[5262]
isOn - property of Flashlight in objects.t[6000]
isOn - property of scoreNotifySettingsItem in score.t[513]
isOn - property of BinarySettingsItem in settings.t[203]
isOn - property of tipMode in tips.t[204]
isOpen - property of ComplexContainer in extras.t[151]
isOpen - property of ContainerDoor in extras.t[520]
isOpen - property of MenuItem in menuweb.t[45]
isOpen - method of BasicOpenable in objects.t[3393]
isOpen - property of BasicContainer in objects.t[4657]
isOpen - method of Passage in travel.t[2429]
isOpen_ - property of BasicOpenable in objects.t[3474]
isOpen_ - property of Passage in travel.t[2439]
isOrIsIn - method of BaseMultiLoc in objects.t[2559]
isOrIsIn - method of Thing in thing.t[5106]
isOwnedBy - method of Fixture in objects.t[1859]
isOwnedBy - method of VocabObject in thing.t[962]
isOwnedBy - method of Thing in thing.t[5197]
isOwnedBy - method of NestedRoom in travel.t[5645]
isPartOf - method of Action in action.t[407]
isPartOf - method of CommandReport in report.t[104]
isPermanentlyAttachedTo - method of Attachable in extras.t[2733]
isPlayerChar - method of Actor in actor.t[6241]
isPlural - property of Thing in en_us.t[691]
isPlural - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1971]
isPlural - property of CollectiveGroup in objects.t[1125]
isPlural - property of PronounProd in parser.t[1481]
isPlural - property of ThemProd in parser.t[1508]
isPluralPossessive - property of possessiveAdjPhrase(ppApostropheS) in en_us.t[6785]
isPossessive - property of PronounProd in parser.t[1473]
isPossessive - property of PossessivePronounAdjProd in parser.t[2672]
isPossessive - property of PossessivePronounNounProd in parser.t[2731]
isPrepositionalPhrasing - property of TIAction in en_us.t[8646]
isPrepositionalPhrasing - property of predicate(GiveToType2) in en_us.t[9607]
isPrepositionalPhrasing - property of predicate(ShowToType2) in en_us.t[9636]
isPrepositionalPhrasing - property of predicate(ThrowToType2) in en_us.t[9678]
isPrimary - property of ClientSession in webui.t[455]
isPromptDaemon - property of Event in events.t[674]
isPromptDaemon - property of PromptDaemon in events.t[826]
isProperName - property of Thing in en_us.t[792]
isProperName - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1976]
isPulled - property of Lever in objects.t[5627]
isQualifiedName - property of Thing in en_us.t[802]
isQualifiedName - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1977]
isQuestion - property of CommandReport in report.t[91]
isQuestion - property of QuestionCommandReport in report.t[267]
isReady - method of BoredomAgendaItem in actor.t[5192]
isReady - property of AgendaItem in actor.t[5533]
isReady - property of ConvAgendaItem in actor.t[5609]
isReady - property of DelayedAgendaItem in actor.t[5627]
isReady - property of DownloadTempFile in webui.t[3415]
isRealTime - property of InstructionsAction in instruct.t[195]
isRemapped - method of Action in action.t[429]
isReminderEnabled - method of exitLister in exits.t[107]
isRepeatable - property of Action in action.t[649]
isRepeatable - property of NoteDarknessAction in actions.t[60]
isRepeatable - property of AgainAction in actions.t[72]
isRepeatable - property of SaveAction in actions.t[309]
isRepeatable - property of FileOpAction in actions.t[1248]
isRepeatable - property of InstructionsAction in instruct.t[991]
isRoundTripMappable - method of CharacterSet in charset.h[93]
isShipboard - method of Thing in thing.t[3716]
isShipboard - property of Shipboard in travel.t[4770]
isSmellListedInRoom - property of Odor in objects.t[702]
isSoundListedInRoom - property of Noise in objects.t[668]
isSpecialResponseMatch - method of PrepSingleNounProd in en_us.t[5473]
isSpecialResponseMatch - property of BasicProd in parser.t[592]
isStagingLocationKnown - method of NestedRoom in travel.t[6154]
isSticky - property of ConvNode in actor.t[1509]
isSubResolver - property of BasicContainerResolver in parser.t[3253]
isSubResolver - property of ExceptResolver in parser.t[6790]
isSubResolver - property of Resolver in resolver.t[47]
isSubResolver - property of PossessiveResolver in resolver.t[1083]
isSuccess - property of CheckStatus in thing.t[187]
isSuccess - property of checkStatusSuccess in thing.t[203]
isSuccessful - method of NetReplyDoneEvent in tadsnet.t[262]
issueCommandsSynchronously - property of Actor in actor.t[7695]
issuer_ - property of TAction in action.t[3783]
issuer_ - property of PendingResponseInfo in actor.t[10462]
issuer_ - property of PendingCommandInfo in actor.t[10488]
issuer_ - property of Resolver in resolver.t[743]
isSuggestionActive - method of SuggestedTopic in actor.t[1282]
issuingActor_ - property of BasicResolveResults in parser.t[4761]
issuingActor_ - property of OopsResults in parser.t[6760]
issuingActor_ - property of ReplacementCommandStringException in parser.t[7045]
isSystem - method of T3StackInfo in _main.t[1027]
isTextFile - method of WebResourceResFile in webui.t[1061]
isThingConstructed - property of Thing in thing.t[1109]
isTopLevel - property of Thing in thing.t[4976]
isTopLevel - property of Room in travel.t[4334]
isTransient - method of Object in systype.h[87]
isTravelerCarrying - method of Traveler in travel.t[692]
isValidSetting - method of Settable in objects.t[5386]
isValidSetting - method of NumberedDial in objects.t[5515]
isValidSetting - method of LabeledDial in objects.t[5576]
isVocabEquivalent - method of Thing in thing.t[2473]
isWebTempFile - property of DownloadTempFile in webui.t[3418]
isWordDefined - method of Dictionary in dict.h[165]
isWorn - method of Wearable in objects.t[5728]
isWornBy - method of Wearable in objects.t[5822]
isWorseThan - method of VerifyResult in verify.t[86]
isWorseThan - method of LogicalVerifyResult in verify.t[184]
ItemizingCollectiveGroup - class in objects.t[1360]
iter_ - property of CommandReport in report.t[94]
iter_ - property of CommandTranscript in report.t[1235]
iterationCanceled - property of Action in action.t[204]
Iterator - class in systype.h[174]
itIs - method of Thing in en_us.t[1026]
itIs - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1998]
itIsContraction - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1999]
itNom - method of Thing in en_us.t[1002]
itNom - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1990]
itObj - method of Thing in en_us.t[1003]
itObj - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1991]
itPossAdj - method of Thing in en_us.t[1004]
itPossAdj - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1992]
itPossNoun - method of Thing in en_us.t[1005]
itPossNoun - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1993]
ItProd - class in parser.t[1502]
itReflexive - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1994]
ItsAdjProd - class in parser.t[2700]
ItselfProd - class in parser.t[1594]
ItsNounProd - class in parser.t[2734]
itVerb - method of Thing in en_us.t[1040]
itVerb - method of NameAsOther in en_us.t[2000]
TADS 3 Library Manual
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