abandonContents - method of SpaceOverlay in extras.t[661]
abandonContentsLister - property of SpaceOverlay in extras.t[650]
abandonContentsLister - property of Underside in extras.t[838]
abandonContentsLister - property of RearContainer in extras.t[943]
abandonLocation - property of SpaceOverlay in extras.t[622]
abandonLocation - property of RearSurface in extras.t[1040]
abbreviations - property of typographicalOutputFilter in en_us.t[3751]
abbrevPat - property of typographicalOutputFilter in en_us.t[3739]
aboardVehicleLister - object in msg_neu.t[5097]
aboardVehicleListerObj - property of Vehicle in travel.t[6998]
abortImplicit - macro in adv3.h[1569]
AbortImplicitSignal - class in exec.t[1337]
AboutAction - class in actions.t[1097]
aboutTopicPhrase(main) - grammar in en_us.t[5528]
abs - global function in tadsgen.h[616]
acceptAbbrTok - method of cmdTokenizer in en_us.t[4974]
acceptCommand - method of Actor in actor.t[9529]
acceptCommand - method of Unthing in objects.t[2225]
acceptCommand - method of Thing in thing.t[5692]
acceptCommandBusy - method of Actor in actor.t[9573]
accompanyingActors - property of Actor in actor.t[7816]
AccompanyingInTravelState - class in actor.t[5365]
AccompanyingState - class in actor.t[5286]
accompanyTravel - method of AccompanyingState in actor.t[5302]
accompanyTravel - method of GuidedTourState in extras.t[2430]
Achievement - template in adv3.h[1622]
Achievement - class in score.t[57]
acknowledgeFootnoteStatus - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[412]
acknowledgeNotifyStatus - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[620]
acknowledgeTipStatus - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[341]
acknowledgeVerboseMode - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[598]
Action - class in action.t[157]
action_ - property of PendingCommandAction in actor.t[10549]
action_ - property of RemapActionSignal in exec.t[1361]
action_ - property of CommandReport in report.t[97]
action_ - property of Resolver in resolver.t[740]
actionAllowsAll - property of TAction in action.t[3669]
actionAllowsAll - property of TakeAction in actions.t[1701]
actionAllowsAll - property of TakeFromAction in actions.t[1755]
actionAllowsAll - property of DropAction in actions.t[1772]
actionAllowsAll - property of PutInAction in actions.t[1880]
actionAllowsAll - property of PutOnAction in actions.t[1920]
actionAllProps - property of objectRelations in action.t[80]
actionDefaultProps - property of objectRelations in action.t[77]
actionDobjProp - property of TAction in action.t[3620]
actionFailed - method of CommandTranscript in report.t[634]
actionIobjProp - property of TIAction in action.t[5174]
actionOfKind - method of Action in action.t[162]
actionOfKind - method of TravelAction in actions.t[2736]
ActionRemappingTooComplexError - class in action.t[6668]
actionTime - property of Action in action.t[1298]
actionTime - property of SystemAction in action.t[6661]
actionTime - property of NoteDarknessAction in actions.t[57]
actionTime - property of AgainAction in actions.t[172]
actionTime - property of OopsAction in actions.t[3123]
actionTime - property of OopsIAction in actions.t[3135]
actionTime - property of EventAction in events.t[575]
activate - method of CommandTranscript in report.t[842]
activateState - method of ActorState in actor.t[4123]
activateState - method of InConversationState in actor.t[5118]
activeBanners_ - property of bannerUITracker in banner.t[745]
activeBanners_ - property of bannerTracker in banner.t[927]
activeSpecialTopic - property of ConvNode in actor.t[1842]
Actor - class in actor.t[5670]
Actor - template in en_us.h[94]
actor_ - property of TAction in action.t[3786]
actor_ - property of TravelerDirectlyInRoom in precond.t[294]
actor_ - property of Resolver in resolver.t[746]
actorAction - method of Actor in actor.t[8373]
actorActionFollow - method of Actor in actor.t[7990]
actorBadCommandPhrase(main) - grammar in en_us.t[5147]
ActorByeTopic - class in actor.t[3443]
actorByeTopicObj - object in actor.t[3501]
actorCannotSeeMsg - method of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3594]
actorCarryingSublister - object in lister.t[1740]
actorDirectlyInRoom - object in precond.t[308]
ActorHelloTopic - class in actor.t[3345]
actorHelloTopicObj - object in actor.t[3483]
actorHereDesc - method of Actor in actor.t[6117]
actorHereGroupPrefix - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1449]
actorHereGroupSuffix - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1450]
actorHoldingDescInventoryListerLong - object in msg_neu.t[4666]
actorHoldingDescInventoryListerShort - object in msg_neu.t[4702]
actorID - property of ConvBoundaryReport in report.t[279]
actorInAName - property of Thing in en_us.t[1269]
actorInAName - property of ChildNameAsOther in en_us.t[2089]
actorInGroupPrefix - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1416]
actorInGroupPrefix - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[3621]
actorInGroupPrefix - method of Floor in travel.t[5440]
actorInGroupSuffix - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1417]
actorInGroupSuffix - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[3629]
actorInGroupSuffix - method of Floor in travel.t[5449]
actorInName - property of Thing in en_us.t[1268]
actorInName - property of ChildNameAsOther in en_us.t[2086]
actorInPrep - property of Thing in en_us.t[1250]
actorInPrep - property of ChildNameAsOther in en_us.t[2078]
actorInPrep - property of Surface in en_us.t[2103]
actorInPrep - property of Underside in en_us.t[2109]
actorInPrep - property of RearContainer in en_us.t[2115]
actorInPrep - property of BasicChair in en_us.t[2892]
actorInPrep - property of BasicPlatform in en_us.t[2899]
actorInPrep - property of Booth in en_us.t[2906]
actorInPrep - property of Floor in en_us.t[3026]
actorInRemoteGroupPrefix - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1429]
actorInRemoteGroupSuffix - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1430]
actorInRemoteNestedRoom - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1399]
actorInRemoteRoom - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1387]
actorInRoom - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1352]
actorInRoomPosture - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1364]
actorInRoomStatus - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1318]
actorIntoName - property of Thing in en_us.t[1271]
actorIntoName - property of ChildNameAsOther in en_us.t[2088]
actorIntoPrep - property of ChildNameAsOther in en_us.t[2080]
actorInventoryLister - object in msg_neu.t[4513]
actorIsFamiliar - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[4154]
actorKnowsDestination - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[4122]
actorListWith - method of Actor in actor.t[6089]
actorNotifyList - property of Actor in actor.t[8499]
ActorObject - enum in adv3.h[498]
actorOutOfName - property of Thing in en_us.t[1270]
actorOutOfName - property of ChildNameAsOther in en_us.t[2087]
actorOutOfPrep - property of Thing in en_us.t[1253]
actorOutOfPrep - property of ChildNameAsOther in en_us.t[2079]
actorOutOfPrep - property of Surface in en_us.t[2104]
actorOutOfPrep - property of Underside in en_us.t[2110]
actorOutOfPrep - property of RearContainer in en_us.t[2116]
actorOutOfPrep - property of BasicChair in en_us.t[2893]
actorOutOfPrep - property of BasicPlatform in en_us.t[2900]
actorOutOfPrep - property of Booth in en_us.t[2907]
actorOutOfPrep - property of Floor in en_us.t[3027]
actorReadyToEnterNestedRoom - object in precond.t[324]
ActorResolver - class in resolver.t[882]
ActorResolveResults - class in parser.t[5703]
actorRoomNameStatus - method of Actor in actor.t[6145]
actorSingleInventoryLister - object in msg_neu.t[4490]
actorSpecifiedCount - property of CommandRanking in parser.t[6384]
actorStanding - object in precond.t[198]
ActorState - class in actor.t[4116]
actorStateDobjFor - macro in adv3.h[480]
actorStateIobjFor - macro in adv3.h[481]
actorStateObjFor - macro in adv3.h[471]
actorThereDesc - method of Actor in actor.t[6125]
actorThereGroupPrefix - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1462]
actorThereGroupSuffix - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1463]
ActorTopicDatabase - class in actor.t[1004]
actorTravel - method of Actor in actor.t[8422]
actorTravelingWithin - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[4085]
actorTravelPreCond - method of TravelConnector in travel.t[836]
actorTravelReady - object in precond.t[231]
actorVerifyFollow - method of Actor in actor.t[7934]
actorVisualAmbientCache - property of libGlobal in misc.t[1643]
actorWearingSublister - object in lister.t[1741]
addAccompanyingActor - method of Actor in actor.t[7796]
addActorNotifyItem - method of Actor in actor.t[8487]
addAllContents - method of Thing in thing.t[4869]
addAlt - method of GrammarProd in gramprod.h[84]
addAltTopic - method of TopicEntry in actor.t[2360]
addAmbigResponse - method of AmbigResponseKeeper in parser.t[1975]
addBanner - method of bannerUITracker in banner.t[505]
addBanner - method of bannerTracker in banner.t[813]
addBeforeAfterObj - method of Action in action.t[2243]
addBusyTime - method of Actor in actor.t[9154]
addClient - method of webSession in webui.t[275]
addCommandSep - method of CommandTranscript in report.t[1148]
addComment - method of SettingsFileData in settings.t[532]
addDirectConnections - method of MultiLoc in objects.t[2866]
addDirectConnections - method of SenseConnector in sense.t[451]
addDirectConnections - method of Thing in thing.t[5758]
addDownload - method of ClientSession in webui.t[597]
addedFlags - property of ButProd in parser.t[1776]
addedFlags - property of EverythingButProd in parser.t[1813]
addedFlags - property of ListButProd in parser.t[1845]
addedFlags - property of IndefiniteNounButProd in parser.t[2604]
addEquivObj - method of EquivalentStateInfo in thing.t[240]
addEvent - method of BasicEventManager in events.t[344]
addFile - method of tempFileDownloadPage in webui.t[3319]
addFirstPendingAction - method of Actor in actor.t[9785]
addFirstPendingCommand - method of Actor in actor.t[9761]
addHandler - method of mainAtExit in _main.t[1225]
addInstance - method of MultiInstance in objects.t[3119]
addInteriorReachableCond - method of Openable in objects.t[3668]
addInterval - method of Date in date.h[280]
addItem - method of SettingsFileData in settings.t[504]
addMarker - method of CommandTranscript in report.t[1005]
addNounMatchList - method of AdjPhraseWithVocab in en_us.t[6466]
addObjectNotifyItem - method of Thing in thing.t[7704]
addOutputFilter - method of OutputStream in output.t[281]
addOutputFilterBelow - method of OutputStream in output.t[296]
addPendingAction - method of Actor in actor.t[9773]
addPendingCommand - method of Actor in actor.t[9748]
addReport - method of CommandTranscript in report.t[934]
addResult - method of VerifyResultList in verify.t[438]
addRoomNotifyItem - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[3970]
addSuggestedTopic - method of TopicDatabase in actor.t[934]
addSuggestedTopic - method of TopicEntry in actor.t[2550]
addSuggestedTopic - method of TopicGroup in actor.t[2629]
addText - method of StringCaptureFilter in output.t[740]
addToAgenda - method of Actor in actor.t[6932]
addToContents - method of Actor in actor.t[7296]
addToContents - method of ComplexContainer in extras.t[324]
addToContents - method of HintMenu in hintsys.t[463]
addToContents - method of MenuObject in menusys.t[156]
addToContents - method of MultiInstance in objects.t[3147]
addToContents - method of Thing in thing.t[5396]
addToDictionary - method of VocabObject in en_us.t[393]
addToPath - method of FileName in filename.h[127]
addTopic - method of TopicDatabase in actor.t[918]
addTopic - method of TopicEntry in actor.t[2348]
addTopic - method of TopicGroup in actor.t[2626]
addTopicToList - method of TopicDatabase in actor.t[952]
addToScore - global function in score.t[288]
addToScore_ - method of libScore in score.t[310]
addToScoreOnce - method of Achievement in score.t[134]
addToSenseInfoTable - method of CollectiveGroup in objects.t[1287]
addToSenseInfoTable - method of Thing in thing.t[6882]
addWord - method of Dictionary in dict.h[137]
aDisambigName - property of Thing in en_us.t[903]
aDisambigName - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[1983]
adj_ - property of literalAdjPhrase(number) in en_us.t[6486]
adj_ - property of literalAdjPhrase(string) in en_us.t[6514]
adjective - property of LightSource in en_us.t[3607]
adjPhrase(adj) - grammar in en_us.t[6998]
adjPhrase(adjAdj) - grammar in en_us.t[7022]
AdjPhraseWithVocab - class in en_us.t[6457]
adjustBrightness - global function in sense.t[383]
adjustDefaultObjectPrep - method of TAction in en_us.t[8466]
adjustDefaultObjectPrep - method of predicate(SitOn) in en_us.t[10558]
adjustDefaultObjectPrep - method of predicate(LieOn) in en_us.t[10575]
adjustDefaultObjectPrep - method of predicate(StandOn) in en_us.t[10593]
adjustDefaultObjectPrep - method of predicate(GetOutOf) in en_us.t[10611]
adjustDefaultObjectPrep - method of predicate(GetOffOf) in en_us.t[10622]
adjustLookAroundTable - method of Actor in actor.t[7443]
adjustLookAroundTable - method of Thing in thing.t[2977]
adjustScore - method of TopicEntry in actor.t[2252]
adjustThrowDestination - method of BulkLimiter in objects.t[4452]
adjustThrowDestination - method of Thing in thing.t[3839]
adjVocabProp - property of AdjPhraseWithVocab in en_us.t[6459]
adjWord(adj) - grammar in en_us.t[6664]
adjWord(adjAbbr) - grammar in en_us.t[6693]
adjWord(adjApostS) - grammar in en_us.t[6678]
ADV3_H - macro in adv3.h[16]
adv3LibInit - object in misc.t[837]
adv3LibPreinit - object in misc.t[697]
advanceState - method of EventList in misc.t[1027]
advanceState - method of CyclicEventList in misc.t[1126]
advanceState - method of StopEventList in misc.t[1168]
advanceState - method of SyncEventList in misc.t[1197]
adventium - object in sense.t[51]
aff_ - property of BagAffinityInfo in thing.t[450]
affinityFor - method of BagOfHolding in extras.t[1244]
affinityFor - method of Keyring in extras.t[1299]
AftAction - class in actions.t[2837]
aftDirection - object in travel.t[187]
afterAction - method of Action in action.t[1812]
afterAction - method of ActorState in actor.t[4491]
afterAction - method of Actor in actor.t[8382]
afterAction - method of SpaceOverlayAbandonFinisher in extras.t[806]
afterAction - method of Keyring in extras.t[1422]
afterAction - method of Thing in thing.t[7648]
afterActionMain - method of Action in action.t[1196]
afterActionMainList - property of Action in action.t[1291]
AfterCommandReport - class in report.t[256]
afterResponse - method of ConvType in actor.t[1984]
afterResponse - method of helloConvType in actor.t[1995]
afterTravel - method of ActorState in actor.t[4521]
afterTravel - method of Actor in actor.t[8411]
afterTravel - method of Thing in thing.t[7673]
AgainAction - class in actions.t[70]
againCannotChangeActor - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[695]
againCannotTalkToTarget - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[702]
againNotPossible - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[708]
AgendaItem - class in actor.t[5511]
agendaList - property of Actor in actor.t[6922]
agendaOrder - property of BoredomAgendaItem in actor.t[5218]
agendaOrder - property of AgendaItem in actor.t[5558]
aHref - global function in browser.t[642]
aHref - global function in console.t[189]
aHref - method of scoreChangeTip in msg_neu.t[4361]
aHref - method of footnotesTip in msg_neu.t[4368]
aHref - method of footnotesTip in msg_neu.t[4372]
aHref - method of fullScoreTip in msg_neu.t[4385]
aHref - method of exitsTip in msg_neu.t[4390]
aHref - method of exitsTip in msg_neu.t[4393]
aHref - method of exitsTip in msg_neu.t[4395]
aHref - method of exitsTip in msg_neu.t[4397]
aHref - method of undoTip in msg_neu.t[4403]
AHREF_Plain - macro in adv3.h[819]
aHrefAlt - global function in browser.t[667]
aHrefAlt - global function in console.t[224]
aioClearScreen - global function in browser.t[277]
aioClearScreen - global function in console.t[165]
aioInputDialog - global function in browser.t[398]
aioInputDialog - global function in console.t[145]
aioInputEvent - global function in browser.t[241]
aioInputEvent - global function in console.t[113]
aioInputFile - global function in browser.t[288]
aioInputFile - global function in console.t[135]
aioInputLineCancel - global function in browser.t[230]
aioInputLineCancel - global function in console.t[102]
aioInputLineTimeout - global function in browser.t[195]
aioInputLineTimeout - global function in console.t[93]
aioLogInputEvent - global function in browser.t[525]
aioMorePrompt - global function in browser.t[267]
aioMorePrompt - global function in console.t[124]
aioSay - global function in browser.t[163]
aioSay - global function in console.t[83]
aioSetLogFile - global function in browser.t[429]
aioSetLogFile - global function in console.t[155]
align_ - property of BannerWindow in banner.t[450]
align_ - property of BannerUIWindow in banner.t[786]
all - property of WebResourceGroup in webui.t[1305]
AllAction - class in action.t[3044]
allContents - property of HintMenu in hintsys.t[485]
allContents - method of Thing in thing.t[4836]
allDirections - property of Direction in travel.t[100]
allDownloads - method of ClientSession in webui.t[622]
allExcludedCount - property of CommandRanking in parser.t[6357]
allGlobalRemappings - property of GlobalRemapping in exec.t[771]
AllInContainerNounPhraseProd - class in parser.t[3427]
allInSameListState - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[174]
allNotAllowed - method of playerMessages in msg_neu.t[1793]
allNotAllowed - method of BasicResolveResults in parser.t[4794]
allNotAllowed - method of TryAsActorResolveResults in parser.t[5762]
allNotAllowed - method of CommandRanking in parser.t[6432]
allowAction - property of VerifyResult in verify.t[60]
allowAction - property of IllogicalNowVerifyResult in verify.t[316]
allowAction - property of IllogicalVerifyResult in verify.t[346]
allowAction - property of InaccessibleVerifyResult in verify.t[404]
allowAction - method of VerifyResultList in verify.t[474]
allowActionRemapping - property of TentativeResolveResults in action.t[3864]
allowActionRemapping - property of BasicResolveResults in parser.t[5667]
allowActionRemapping - property of ActorResolveResults in parser.t[5740]
allowActionRemapping - property of TryAsActorResolveResults in parser.t[5795]
allowActionRemapping - property of CommandRanking in parser.t[6714]
allowAll - property of DisambigResolver in disambig.t[389]
allowAll - method of Resolver in resolver.t[397]
allowedPostures - property of BasicChair in travel.t[6311]
allowedPostures - property of BasicBed in travel.t[6590]
allowedPostures - property of BasicPlatform in travel.t[6625]
allowEquivalentFiltering - property of TentativeResolveResults in action.t[3872]
allowEquivalentFiltering - property of BasicResolveResults in parser.t[5670]
allowEquivalentFiltering - property of TryAsActorResolveResults in parser.t[5796]
allowImplicit - property of DangerousVerifyResult in verify.t[298]
allowImplicit - property of NonObviousVerifyResult in verify.t[386]
allowImplicit - method of VerifyResultList in verify.t[495]
allowPutBehind - property of RearContainer in extras.t[933]
allowPutUnder - property of Underside in extras.t[828]
allowRealTime - property of InputDef in input.t[33]
allowYouMeMixing - property of GameMainDef in misc.t[350]
AllPluralProd - class in parser.t[2173]
allRequiredVerbsDisclosed - property of InstructionsAction in instruct.t[97]
allResolved_ - property of DefaultObjectAnnouncement in report.t[426]
allSchedulables - property of Schedulable in events.t[308]
allSenses - property of libGlobal in misc.t[1697]
allStates - property of Matchstick in extras.t[1967]
allStates - property of Wearable in objects.t[5861]
allStates - property of LightSource in objects.t[5981]
allStates - property of Thing in thing.t[2153]
allSubLocations - property of ComplexContainer in extras.t[121]
allVerbsAllowAll - property of GameMainDef in misc.t[385]
alreadyAttachedMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3827]
alreadyBurningMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3804]
alreadyClosedMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3889]
alreadyFollowModeMsg - property of npcActionMessages in msg_neu.t[4323]
alreadyHoldingMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[2877]
alreadyInLocMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3983]
alreadyLockedMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3892]
alreadyLyingMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3990]
alreadyLyingOnMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3991]
alreadyOpenMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3888]
alreadyPulledMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3663]
alreadyPushedMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3652]
alreadyPutBehindMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[2904]
alreadyPutInMsg - property of Underside in extras.t[859]
alreadyPutInMsg - property of RearContainer in extras.t[965]
alreadyPutInMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[2895]
alreadyPutInMsg - property of Surface in objects.t[5203]
alreadyPutOnMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[2898]
alreadyPutUnderMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[2901]
alreadySittingMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3988]
alreadySittingOnMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3989]
alreadyStandingMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3986]
alreadyStandingOnMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3987]
alreadySwitchedOffMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3725]
alreadySwitchedOnMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3724]
alreadyTalkingTo - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[568]
alreadyUnlockedMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3893]
alreadyWearingMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[2846]
altTalkCount - property of TopicEntry in actor.t[2317]
altTalkCount - property of AltTopic in actor.t[2756]
AltTopic - class in actor.t[2668]
AltTopic - template in adv3.h[1740]
AltTopic - template in adv3.h[1741]
altTopicList - property of TopicEntry in actor.t[2373]
altTopicOrder - property of AltTopic in actor.t[2742]
AlwaysAnnounce - macro in adv3.h[870]
alwaysListOnMove - property of SpaceOverlay in extras.t[639]
ambienceProp - property of Sense in sense.t[173]
ambienceProp - property of sight in sense.t[256]
ambient - property of SenseInfo in thing.t[60]
ambigAnnounceMode - property of GameMainDef in misc.t[499]
ambigCount - property of CommandRanking in parser.t[6378]
AmbigObjectAnnouncement - class in report.t[447]
AmbigResponseKeeper - class in parser.t[1974]
ambigResponses_ - property of AmbigResponseKeeper in parser.t[1988]
ambiguousNounPhrase - method of TentativeResolveResults in action.t[3878]
ambiguousNounPhrase - method of DisambigResults in disambig.t[541]
ambiguousNounPhrase - method of playerMessages in msg_neu.t[2057]
ambiguousNounPhrase - method of npcMessages in msg_neu.t[2188]
ambiguousNounPhrase - method of npcMessagesDirect in msg_neu.t[2380]
ambiguousNounPhrase - method of npcDeferredMessagesDirect in msg_neu.t[2526]
ambiguousNounPhrase - method of BasicResolveResults in parser.t[4927]
ambiguousNounPhrase - method of TryAsActorResolveResults in parser.t[5769]
ambiguousNounPhrase - method of CommandRanking in parser.t[6503]
ambiguousNounPhrase - method of ExceptResults in parser.t[6898]
aName - property of Thing in en_us.t[1472]
aName - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[2018]
aName - method of Actor in en_us.t[2316]
aName - method of nullDistinguisher in en_us.t[3510]
aName - method of basicDistinguisher in en_us.t[3523]
aName - method of ownershipDistinguisher in en_us.t[3534]
aName - method of locationDistinguisher in en_us.t[3556]
aName - method of litUnlitDistinguisher in en_us.t[3575]
aNameFrom - method of Thing in en_us.t[1509]
aNameLit - method of LightSource in en_us.t[3587]
aNameObj - method of Thing in en_us.t[1475]
aNameObj - property of NameAsOther in en_us.t[2019]
aNameObj - method of Actor in en_us.t[2319]
aNameOwnerLoc - method of Thing in en_us.t[1364]
aNameOwnerLoc - method of NameAsOther in en_us.t[2008]
announceActionObject - method of Action in action.t[1600]
announceAllDefaultObjects - method of Action in en_us.t[8289]
announceAllDefaultObjects - method of TAction in en_us.t[8469]
announceAllDefaultObjects - method of TIAction in en_us.t[8767]
announceAmbigActionObject - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[655]
announceAmbigActionObject - method of CommandTranscript in report.t[1129]
AnnounceClear - enum in adv3.h[950]
AnnouncedDefaultObject - macro in adv3.h[921]
announceDefaultObject - method of Action in en_us.t[8276]
announceDefaultObject - method of TAction in en_us.t[8434]
announceDefaultObject - method of TIAction in en_us.t[8711]
announceDefaultObject - method of LiteralTAction in en_us.t[9015]
announceDefaultObject - method of TopicTAction in en_us.t[9152]
announceDefaultObject - method of Keyring in extras.t[1515]
announceDefaultObject - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[677]
announceDefaultObject - method of CommandTranscript in report.t[1138]
announceDefaultObject - method of Thing in thing.t[3922]
announceImplicit - method of CommandTranscript in report.t[1080]
announceImplicitAction - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[129]
announceMoveToBag - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[149]
announceMultiActionObject - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[632]
announceMultiActionObject - method of CommandTranscript in report.t[1119]
announceObjStyleTag - object in output.t[915]
announceRemappedAction - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[117]
announceRemappedAction - method of CommandTranscript in report.t[1109]
AnnounceUnclear - enum in adv3.h[940]
AnonFuncPtr - class in systype.h[231]
antecedentTable - property of Actor in actor.t[9953]
anyAltIsActive - method of TopicEntry in actor.t[2228]
aOrTPat - property of specialTopicPreParser in en_us.t[2731]
apparentDest - method of DeadEndConnector in travel.t[2198]
apparentDestName - property of DeadEndConnector in travel.t[2185]
append - method of StringBuffer in strbuf.h[65]
append - method of List in systype.h[1037]
append - method of Vector in vector.h[217]
appendAll - method of Vector in vector.h[234]
appendHeldContents - method of Keyring in extras.t[1499]
appendHeldContents - method of Matchbook in extras.t[1883]
appendHeldContents - method of Thing in thing.t[5160]
appendUnique - method of List in systype.h[1029]
appendUnique - method of Vector in vector.h[148]
applyAll - method of LookupTable in lookup.h[46]
applyAll - method of Vector in vector.h[74]
applyFilters - method of OutputStream in output.t[336]
applyTextFilters - method of OutputStream in output.t[356]
applyTransform - method of TranscriptTransform in report.t[1255]
applyTransform - method of reportOrderTransform in report.t[1265]
applyTransform - method of defaultReportTransform in report.t[1322]
applyTransform - method of implicitGroupTransform in report.t[1436]
applyTransform - method of complexMultiTransform in report.t[1769]
applyTransforms - method of CommandTranscript in report.t[1203]
ArbitraryNounProd - class in parser.t[2539]
arccosine - method of BigNumber in bignum.h[182]
arcsine - method of BigNumber in bignum.h[176]
arctangent - method of BigNumber in bignum.h[185]
areAllEquiv - method of IndefiniteNounProd in parser.t[2499]
arg_ - property of PreCondDesc in action.t[145]
argList_ - property of T3StackInfo in _main.t[1072]
args_ - property of PendingResponseInfo in actor.t[10466]
args_ - property of UnboundMultiMethod in multmeth.t[437]
args_ - property of ParseFailureException in parser.t[6988]
arrivingTurn - method of ActorState in actor.t[4706]
arrivingWithDesc - method of ActorState in actor.t[4692]
asDobjFor - macro in adv3.h[357]
asDobjWithoutActionFor - macro in adv3.h[377]
asExit - macro in adv3.h[581]
asIobjFor - macro in adv3.h[358]
asIobjWithoutActionFor - macro in adv3.h[378]
AskAboutAction - class in actions.t[1951]
askAboutConvType - object in actor.t[2026]
AskAboutForTopic - class in actor.t[3021]
askAndRestore - method of RestoreAction in actions.t[355]
AskConnector - class in travel.t[1781]
askDisambig - method of playerMessages in msg_neu.t[1990]
askDisambig - method of npcMessagesDirect in msg_neu.t[2345]
askDisambig - method of ResolveAsker in parser.t[318]
askDisambig - method of AskConnector in travel.t[1829]
askDisambigList - method of MessageHelper in en_us.t[3160]
askDobjResponseProd - property of TAction in action.t[3221]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(AskFor) in en_us.t[9436]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(AskAbout) in en_us.t[9458]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(AskAboutWhat) in en_us.t[9478]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(TellAbout) in en_us.t[9493]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(TellAboutWhat) in en_us.t[9514]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(TalkTo) in en_us.t[9540]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(TalkToWhat) in en_us.t[9547]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(Follow) in en_us.t[9701]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(Attack) in en_us.t[9708]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(AttackWith) in en_us.t[9717]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(GoThrough) in en_us.t[10046]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(Enter) in en_us.t[10055]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(Dig) in en_us.t[10068]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(DigWith) in en_us.t[10076]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(JumpOff) in en_us.t[10096]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(JumpOver) in en_us.t[10103]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(MoveWith) in en_us.t[10136]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(TurnWith) in en_us.t[10151]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(TurnTo) in en_us.t[10160]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(SetTo) in en_us.t[10174]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(TypeLiteralOn) in en_us.t[10188]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(EnterOn) in en_us.t[10208]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(Consult) in en_us.t[10261]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(ConsultAbout) in en_us.t[10276]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(BurnWith) in en_us.t[10348]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(CutWith) in en_us.t[10381]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(Climb) in en_us.t[10421]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(ClimbUp) in en_us.t[10428]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(ClimbUpWhat) in en_us.t[10435]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(ClimbDown) in en_us.t[10447]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(ClimbDownWhat) in en_us.t[10454]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(LockWith) in en_us.t[10537]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(UnlockWith) in en_us.t[10546]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(SitOn) in en_us.t[10555]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(LieOn) in en_us.t[10572]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(StandOn) in en_us.t[10590]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(GetOutOf) in en_us.t[10608]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(GetOffOf) in en_us.t[10619]
askDobjResponseProd - property of predicate(Board) in en_us.t[10643]
asker_ - property of PreResolvedAmbigProd in parser.t[1921]
asker_ - property of EmptyNounPhraseProd in parser.t[4152]
asker_ - property of EmptyTopicPhraseProd in parser.t[4326]
AskForAction - class in actions.t[1948]
askForConvType - object in actor.t[2033]
askForDobj - macro in adv3.h[1516]
askForIobj - macro in adv3.h[1538]
askForLiteral - macro in adv3.h[1547]
AskForTopic - class in actor.t[3014]
askForTopic - macro in adv3.h[1554]
askForTopics - property of ActorTopicDatabase in actor.t[1077]
askingActor - property of SuggestedTopicLister in msg_neu.t[5678]
askingImpCtx - object in en_us.t[8073]
askIobjResponseProd - property of TIAction in action.t[4087]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(PutIn) in en_us.t[9374]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(PutOn) in en_us.t[9383]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(AskFor) in en_us.t[9437]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(GiveTo) in en_us.t[9597]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(GiveToType2) in en_us.t[9604]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(ShowTo) in en_us.t[9626]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(ShowToType2) in en_us.t[9633]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(ThrowAt) in en_us.t[9661]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(ThrowTo) in en_us.t[9668]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(ThrowToType2) in en_us.t[9675]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(AttackWith) in en_us.t[9718]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(DigWith) in en_us.t[10077]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(MoveTo) in en_us.t[10128]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(MoveWith) in en_us.t[10137]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(TurnWith) in en_us.t[10152]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(BurnWith) in en_us.t[10349]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(CutWith) in en_us.t[10382]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(PourInto) in en_us.t[10407]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(PourOnto) in en_us.t[10414]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(CleanWith) in en_us.t[10472]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(AttachTo) in en_us.t[10479]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(DetachFrom) in en_us.t[10499]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(LockWith) in en_us.t[10538]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(UnlockWith) in en_us.t[10547]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(FastenTo) in en_us.t[10662]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(UnfastenFrom) in en_us.t[10675]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(PlugInto) in en_us.t[10682]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(UnplugFrom) in en_us.t[10708]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(ScrewWith) in en_us.t[10728]
askIobjResponseProd - property of predicate(UnscrewWith) in en_us.t[10742]
askMissingLiteral - method of TentativeResolveResults in action.t[3902]
askMissingLiteral - method of playerMessages in msg_neu.t[1853]
askMissingLiteral - method of BasicResolveResults in parser.t[5542]
askMissingLiteral - method of TryAsActorResolveResults in parser.t[5775]
askMissingObject - method of TentativeResolveResults in action.t[3889]
askMissingObject - method of enterOnWhatAsker in en_us.t[10239]
askMissingObject - method of playerMessages in msg_neu.t[1826]
askMissingObject - method of npcMessages in msg_neu.t[2197]
askMissingObject - method of npcMessagesDirect in msg_neu.t[2389]
askMissingObject - method of npcDeferredMessagesDirect in msg_neu.t[2533]
askMissingObject - method of ResolveAsker in parser.t[332]
askMissingObject - method of BasicResolveResults in parser.t[5511]
askMissingObject - method of TryAsActorResolveResults in parser.t[5773]
askMissingObject - method of CommandRanking in parser.t[6566]
askMissingObject - method of AskConnector in travel.t[1837]
AskTellAboutForTopic - class in actor.t[3028]
AskTellGiveShowTopic - class in actor.t[3186]
AskTellShowTopic - class in actor.t[3179]
AskTellTopic - class in actor.t[2989]
AskTopic - class in actor.t[2998]
askTopics - property of ActorTopicDatabase in actor.t[1076]
askTravelDown - object in travel.t[1984]
askTravelIn - object in travel.t[1974]
askTravelOut - object in travel.t[1979]
askUnknownWord - method of playerMessages in msg_neu.t[2087]
askUnknownWord - method of npcMessagesDirect in msg_neu.t[2409]
AskVagueAction - class in actions.t[1982]
askVagueMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3581]
asObjFor - macro in adv3.h[348]
asObjWithoutActionFor - macro in adv3.h[368]
associatedTopic - property of SuggestedTopic in actor.t[1185]
associatedTopicCanMatch - method of SuggestedTopic in actor.t[1351]
associatedTopicIsActive - method of SuggestedTopic in actor.t[1345]
associatedTopicIsActive - method of SuggestedTopicTree in actor.t[1400]
associatedTopicTalkCount - method of SuggestedTopic in actor.t[1348]
associatedTopicTalkCount - method of SuggestedTopicTree in actor.t[1407]
assumeStyleTag - object in output.t[902]
atmosphereList - method of Thing in thing.t[3660]
atmosphereList - property of Room in travel.t[4395]
atSingleNoun(main) - grammar in en_us.t[5520]
Attachable - class in extras.t[2533]
attachedObjects - property of Attachable in extras.t[2540]
attachedObjects - property of PermanentAttachmentChild in extras.t[3609]
attachmentLister - property of Attachable in extras.t[2849]
attachTo - method of Attachable in extras.t[2548]
AttachToAction - class in actions.t[2469]
AttackAction - class in actions.t[2282]
AttackWithAction - class in actions.t[2285]
attentionSpan - property of InConversationState in actor.t[4979]
attenuated - enum in adv3.h[610]
authorEmail - property of GameInfoModuleID in modid.t[313]
AutoClosingDoor - class in travel.t[3024]
autoShowTopics - method of ConvNode in actor.t[1565]
autoSuggest - property of ActorState in actor.t[4156]
autoUnlockOnOpen - property of Lockable in objects.t[3914]
autoUnlockOnOpen - method of LockableWithKey in objects.t[4148]
awardPoints - method of Achievement in score.t[156]
awardPointsOnce - method of Achievement in score.t[168]
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