HTML TADS Latin-2 Character Entities

HTML TADS provides named character entities for the ISO Latin-2 (ISO 8859-2) character set. These entities are TADS extensions to the standard HTML specification; these entities are not currently part of standard HTML, and will not work with all ordinary HTML browsers. (However, the entity names are all from the SGML Latin-2 character set, so these names should be compatible with any future HTML versions that support the Latin-2 named entities.)

Latin-2 is a character set designed for Eastern and Central European languages. This charater set has many of the same characters as ISO Latin-1, which is the standard HTML character set, but includes additional accented characters for Eastern and Central European languages (Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Croatian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian) that are not part of the ISO Latin-1 character set.

Here are the named character entities in Latin-2 that are not also in Latin-1; in addition to the names, the numeric equivalents are listed. Note that you can enter the numeric values with the &#nnn; notation, although we strongly recommend using the named entities for greater clarity in your source text.

Ą Ą capital letter A with ogonek
˘ ˘ breve (spacing accent)
Ł Ł capital letter L with stroke
Ľ Ľ capital letter L with caron
Ś Ś capital letter S with acute accent
Š Š capital letter S with caron
Ş Ş capital letter S with cedil
Ť Ť capital letter T with caron
Ź Ź capital letter Z with acute accent
Ž Ž capital letter Z with caron
Ż Ż capital letter Z with dot above
ą ą small letter a with ogonek
˛ ˛ small letter o with ogonek
ł ł small letter l with stroke
ľ ľ small letter l with caron
ś ś small letter s with acute accent
ˇ ˇ caron (spacing accent)
š š small letter s with caron
ş ş small letter s with cedil
ť ť small letter t with caron
ź ź small letter z with acute accent
˝ ˝ double accute (spacing accent)
ž ž small letter z with caron
ż ż small letter z with dot above
Ŕ Ŕ capital letter R with acute accent
Ă Ă capital letter A with breve
Ĺ Ĺ capital letter L with acute accent
Ć Ć capital letter C with acute accent
Č Č capital letter C with caron
Ę Ę capital letter E with ogonek
Ě Ě capital letter E with caron
Ď Ď capital letter D with caron
Đ Đ capital letter D with stroke
Ń Ń capital letter N with acute accent
Ň Ň capital letter N with caron
Ő Ő capital letter O with double accute accent
Ř Ř capital letter R with caron
Ů Ů capital letter U with ring
Ű Ű capital letter U with double accute accent
Ţ Ţ capital letter T with cedil
ŕ ŕ small letter r with acute accent
ă ă small letter a with breve
ĺ ĺ small letter l with acute accent
ć ć small letter c with acute accent
č č small letter c with caron
ę ę small letter e with ogonek
ě ě small letter e with caron
ď ď small letter d with caron
đ đ small letter d with stroke
ń ń small letter n with acute accent
ň ň small letter n with caron
ő ő small letter o with double acute accent
ř ř small letter r with caron
ů ů small letter u with ring
ű ű small letter u with double acute accent
ţ ţ small letter t with cedil
˙ ˙ dot (spacing accent)

Availability of Latin-2 Characters

Latin-2 characters are not available on all systems. Computers that are localized for use in North America or Western Europe frequently provide only a Western European charater set; most Western European character sets do not provide equivalents for the ISO Latin-2 characters. Computers localized for use with an Eastern or Central European language will usually provide fonts that include all of the Latin-2 characters.

On computers where no Latin-2 fonts are installed, HTML TADS will display the default "missing character" glyph (which is usually an empty rectangle on graphical systems) for these characters.

Windows NT

Because Windows NT is a Unicode-based system, most NT installations (regardless of localization) will include at least a few standard fonts that incorporate these characters.

Windows 95

Windows 95 systems that are not localized for an Eastern or Central European country are less likely than NT systems to have a font with these characters. However, Microsoft makes available extensions for the standard Windows 95 fonts for most of the Eastern and Central European character sets. To install these extensions, download from the Microsoft web site, then run the downloaded program.