Welcome to the TADS 3 Author's Kit

Thanks for installing the TADS 3 Author's Kit! This kit has everything you need to create your own Interactive Fiction games using TADS 3.

For news and information about TADS, please visit the official TADS web site, www.tads.org.

TADS Player Kit

Now that you've installed the Author's Kit, you might also want to install the TADS Player Kit. The Player Kit is a combined version of the Interpreter that can play games for both TADS 2 and TADS 3, and also features the Game Chest for organizing your favorite games. You can find the Player Kit download on tads.org.


If you run into any problems with TADS, please check the System Compatibility Notes. There are a few known problems with certain Windows configurations, and the notes explain how to fix these. You should read the compatibility notes in particular if:


The TADS 3 documentation is organized into several manuals, which you can find them on the User's Manuals page.

If you're new to TADS, there are two introductory books by Eric Eve to choose from. Getting Started in TADS 3 is a tutorial designed for beginners, especially those without prior programming experience. Learning TADS 3 is written for confident newcomers and those with a little programming experience. They're both available on the User's Manuals page.

You can find help with programming and game design questions on a number of Interactive Fiction community forums. For links to IF community resources, see tads.org.


The TADS 3 software and documentation are copyrighted ©2000, 2012 by Michael J. Roberts, but its license allows you to use it and redistribute it without charge, subject to certain conditions. Please refer to the LICENSE.TXT file for full details.

Copyright ©2012 by Michael J. Roberts.