Ditch Day Drifter

by Michael J. Roberts

Released January 1, 1990
Forgiveness Rating: Polite

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License: Freeware
IFID: TADS2-5ECCF9855E3CFE32F314F698A38079CA,TADS2-C15B8633FF25B25DB1E61DE870D19D68

You're an undergraduate at Caltech, and you wake up to discover that it's Ditch Day, the traditional event when seniors flee the campus for the day and leave behind "stacks" to protect their rooms from envious underclassmen. Go on a whimsical treasure hunt all over - and under - the campus, and see if you can find everything you need to break the stack.

Ditch Day Drifter is the original TADS sample game, but it's also a fully fleshed-out adventure in the treasure-hunt tradition of the early text games. This is a fun and relatively easy game to play, and it's often recommended as a gentle introduction for novice adventurers.



Version 1.0
Story Installer (Windows)
For Windows systems, 9x/NT and later. Just download and run this SETUP program to install the game.
(application, 1.19MB)
Story Files (All Systems)
Universal edition, for all systems; ZIP format. To play, you'll need an UnZip tool to unpack the files, plus a TADS Interpreter for your system. Visit tads.org for TADS Interpreter downloads.
(zip, 193KB)
Source Files
The TADS source files for the game, as a downloadable ZIP archive.
(zip, 45KB)

Ditch Day Drifter was created with TADS version 2.