Deep Space Drifter

by Michael J. Roberts and Steve McAdams

Science Fiction
Released January 1, 1990
Forgiveness Rating: Cruel

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License: Freeware
IFID: TADS2-BBAAE2C770B2475770B6C28F7588094B

Stranded in deep space after running out of fuel, you luck upon a nearby space station. When you get there, though, the place is abandoned, and strange things seem to have been happening lately. And if you can make your way off the station and reach the planet below, that's when things get really strange.

Deep Space Drifter is a classic, old-school text adventure, complete with tricky puzzles, death traps, and some truly nefarious mazes. But the solutions are always logical, so puzzle fiends will enjoy this game's challenges.



Version 1.0
Story Installer (Windows)
For Windows systems, 9x/NT and later. Just download and run this SETUP program to install the game.
(application, 1.19MB)
Story Files (All Systems)
Universal edition, for all systems; ZIP format. To play, you'll need an UnZip tool to unpack the files, plus a TADS Interpreter for your system. Visit for TADS Interpreter downloads.
(zip, 178KB)
Source Files
The TADS source files for the game, as a downloadable ZIP archive.
(zip, 59KB)

Deep Space Drifter was created with TADS version 2.